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Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas face further marriage struggles

In a preview for Sunday night's The Real Housewives of Orange County, Cynthia Bailey's sister, Malorie, has a bomshell that could hurt Cynthia and Peter's marriage. Fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County may recall that Malorie once conspired with Cynthia's mother to hide Cynthia and Peter's marriage license on their wedding day in hopes of preventing the marriage from going forward, so what could Malorie have up her sleeve this time?

Will Cynthia's sister Malorie get in between Cynthia and Peter's marriage?
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

Well it appears as though Malorie will announce that she is moving to Atlanta and plans to live with Cynthia and Peter for a few months. Not surprisingly, Peter is not pleased and is aghast that Malorie thinks it is ok to move into their house without even asking them. Cynthia is not pleased either and tells Peter that she had no idea.

Cynthia later tells the Bravo cameras that her marriage works when people respect their space. Clearly, Malorie is not respecting Cynthia and Peter's space.

Ironically, Malorie didn't approve of Cynthia and Peter's marriage because she believed Peter was taking advantage of Cynthia. Now, Malorie is taking advantage of Cynthia by unilaterally moving into her home rather than acting like a grown woman and getting her own place to live.

Do you approve of Malorie's behavior? Should Peter and Cynthia let her live with them or kick her to the curb?

Meanwhile, Cynthia and Peter have their own book out about their marriage entitled Carry-on Baggage: Our Nonstop Flight.

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