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Curb your craving

Craving as defined by means, “To have an intense desire for.” This seemingly innocent word, when put into action, can knock anyone off balance.

It's not the carrots in the carrot cake we're craving.
It's not the carrots in the carrot cake we're craving.
Carrot Cake

Think about it, when you crave, has this desire ever been for something good for you? It is unlikely!

In her article, Why We Crave, Kat McGowan communicates, “Even though the desire feels deep-down and basic, habit and conditioning seem to have a lot to do with it. The wonderful implication: cravings for rich, fatty foods might be conquerable. You don't have to be a slave to your appetite; you'll like yourself better in the morning.”

She goes on to offer information about the possibility of “retaining our appetites” strengthened with the routine of eating healthy and frequently to offset such cravings. As Kat shares this sounds rather simple but as we’ve all been there, it takes much more than mind over matter.

On a recent Doctor Oz show he addressed our food cravings and he offered spices that, if eaten timely and often, these herbs can offset such unhealthy urges. He first made a point to explain the difference between hunger and craving. When hungry, the stomach may growl or even contract while a craving is feeding an emotional need and it is usually specific to a certain type of food.

Doctor Oz recommends these 3 spices to curb your cravings:

Use turmeric spice for salty cravings. Utilize 3 times a day can help wean you from salt addiction. It is tasty sprinkled on eggs, salads, chicken, meats and roasted vegetables.

Use cardamom for sugar cravings. You can buy cardamom nuts to eat as a snack or drink cardamom tea to help overcome a sugar-tooth. He mentioned that we eat, on average 16 teaspoons more of the daily allowance of sugar.

Use cloves for carb cravings. Mixed with cinnamon and sprinkled on yogurt or added to other meals this can help counter the need for unhealthy carbs.

Food can be viewed as a necessary evil or as your nourishment that fuels your life, and this perspective does make a difference. Wherever you are at with your relationship with food, it certainly doesn’t hurt to spice it up! Who knows, it might actually help.

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