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CSGV supports brutal, corrupt government thugs, demonizes the liberators

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The worship of government authority by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is of course well known, but sometimes even veteran CSGV-watchers can be taken by surprise at the sheer depth of their hatred for those of us who would sooner die fighting a tyrannical government than join CSGV in kneeling before it and kissing the jackboots. Nowhere is this more apparent than in CSGV's condemnation of the GIs who, upon returning from fighting and winning WWII, found their home of McMinn County, Tennessee under the yoke of a government that was in some ways a local scale equivalent of the tyrannical governments they had just defeated overseas.

When the GIs' appeals to the state and federal governments to intercede were ignored, they ran for local political offices themselves (again asking for federal help to ensure fair elections, and again being rebuffed). The local government had its own ideas about maintaining "order" in the elections, dispatching 200 "deputies" to the polling places to intimidate reform-minded voters, and actually shooting a black man who had the temerity to exercise his right to vote. Realizing that they were on their own, the GIs fought back, and defeated the corrupt government thugs in a gun battle that eventually ended with the use of dynamite against the jailhouse the oppressors were using as a stronghold. Far more complete accounts are available here and here.

The subject came up recently when National Conservative Examiner Anthony Martin wrote about what many call the "Battle of Athens" (Athens, Tennessee, that is). When it was pointed out on Twitter that CSGV had in the past condemned the GIs (more on that in a minute) who fought to free their county from its corrupt oppressors, CSGV called the liberators' actions "a threat to democracy" (CSGV, remember, prefers to ignore the fact that the U.S. is a republic, and not subject to the tyranny of the majority inherent to democracies).

They then moved bizarrely to over and over referring to the defeat of tyranny in Athens as "martial law" (actually, they seem to think of it as a combination of "martial law" and "anarchy," which is a pretty difficult combination to imagine).

Back to CSGV's earlier comments on the Battle of Athens. Blogger Linoge, of the Walls of the City blog, made a meticulous record of their . . . remarkable "logic." It's too long to quote here in its entirety, but well worth reading. For now, suffice it to say that CSGV believes that the people of McMinn County had no right to fight back against a corrupt, tyrannical government, because the problem was only local, rather than nationwide. Why "merely" local tyranny should not be met with force, particularly when pleas for state and federal government intervention were ignored, is apparently something CSGV does not care to explain.

This, remember, despite the oppressed locals' multiple pleas for state and national intervention having been ignored (the boss of the local political machine was a big FDR supporter). According to CSGV, the people were just supposed to take it. According to CSGV--who often don the mantle of "Protectors of Minorities" (to the extent of dismissing opposing viewpoints because the person expressing them is white)--the shooting of a black man who attempted to vote should not have been met with force.

Keep in mind also that at the heart of the dispute in McMinn County was the local government's brazen stealing of elections (actually, armed robbery of the elections is probably more accurate). CSGV, remember, also whines about "voter suppression" in the recall votes that ousted two anti-gun extremist state senators in Colorado, because the courts had ruled that their was no time to set up absentee voting provisions. In other words, "our democracy," as CSGV invariably refers to our republic, is undermined unless people who don't care enough about the vote to drag their sorry carcasses to the polling place are given as much political power as those who do.

Then again, given CSGV's insistence that not even the government rounding up people based on race or religion, and packing them off to concentration camps, justifies armed resistance, it is probably not so surprising that corrupt, brutal oppression also fails to meet their standards for justification of armed resistance. To CSGV, we the people have no legitimate line in the sand to guard with our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

But we won't be asking them, or anyone else, for permission.

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