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CSGV outrage over pic doesn't extend to law enforcement target of pregnant woman

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Back in mid-November, this column responded to a Huffington Post opinion piece written by Coalition to Stop Gun Violence executive director Josh Horwitz blaming the murder of a Transportation Security Administration officer at Los Angeles International Airport on anti-TSA "animus" supposedly drummed up by the NRA and other gun rights advocates. In support of the argument that TSA's own actions are easily sufficient on their own to generate plenty of such "animus" without outside assistance, this column used one of Oleg Volk's superb photos, this one showing a standard cardboard target, enhanced with the TSA logo, and pointing out that U.S. law permits use of deadly force to prevent or stop sexual assault, and asking if "airport molesters" should be given a free pass.

As should probably surprise no one, CSGV went into full screeching horror mode on Facebook (some of the comments are simply precious). They went similarly unhinged on Twitter, trying to recruit Ed Schultz, Piers Morgan, Lawrence O'Donnell, etc. (without apparent success), to the cause of denouncing the photo and the column.

Again, this is not surprising; anguished bleating is CSGV's strong suit. What is somewhat interesting is noting what does not provoke CSGV's self-righteous wailing. Back in February, the gun rights community became aware of a company called Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., that sold targets depicting pregnant women, young children, the elderly, young mothers, etc., with the idea of conditioning the government's hired muscle to overcome the natural aversion any mentally healthy person would have to shooting such people.

The line of targets was called "No More Hesitation," and was, according to Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., requested by the law enforcement community. From a letter the company sent to, after the pulling the targets from the market, in response to the outrage:

This product line was originally requested and designed by the law enforcement community to train police officers for unusually complex situations where split-second decisions could lead to unnecessary loss of life.

The company claimed to have spoken to one officer who had practiced on targets he had made from enlargements of photos of his own children.

Admittedly, the comparison between the Oleg Volk photo and the targets sold to "Only Ones" who fear that their humanity might interfere with them killing children, pregnant women and the elderly only goes so far. Volk's photo, after all, was not of an actual target marketed with the intention of making it easier to kill TSA officers--but that's the one that draws CSGV's ire.

And actually, that's not so surprising, either. CSGV, after all, is not really opposed to "gun violence," at least not when committed by agents of the government. What offends CSGV is "gun violence" against would-be tyrants and their enforcers. That's to be expected from a group that not only advocates a "government monopoly on violence," but wants the government to make extensive use of it, as well.

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