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'Crysis 3' is half off plus other EA games deeply discounted for Amazon Mayhem

Get Crysis 3 for the PC for $30 in Amazon's Mayhem Sale.
Get Crysis 3 for the PC for $30 in Amazon's Mayhem Sale.
Crytek, Electronic Arts

Amazon reached day number eight of its Mayhem Sale for downloadable PC titles on Thursday. New games were added to the event for the first time in a few days and includes several Electronic Arts titles including Crysis 3 and the first two games in the series plus others like Bulletstorm, The Secret World and more.

Crysis 3 is the most recently released game added to the Mayhem sale today and sees its price slashed in half from $59.99 down to $29.99. There are also several titles that can be picked up for $5 or less including Bulletstorm, Crysis, Crysis: Warhead, Mercenaries 2, Shank 2, SimCity 4, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 and Warp.

There's also a five-pack bundle for $10 featuring Bulletstorm and Mirror's Edge among others.

You can check out the list of EA games added below (activate through Origin) but there are literally hundred more still available at Amazon. These deals run through May 30.

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