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Crop circles in Germany and England within days: What’s their message for us?

Similar crop circles with triad formations appeared in Germany and England within days of each other: What’s their message for us?

What is the message of the crop circles? Listen for yourself.
What is the message of the crop circles? Listen for yourself.
Crop circle in Germany July 2014

In July, two "legitimate" crop circles--not to be confused with the barrage of "crap circles" plaguing the earth--have been reported and photographed in Wiltshire, England (around July 8) and in Bavaria, Germany (around July 18). In Germany, the large, complex crop circle was discovered in a field by balloonists near the Ammersee in Bavaria, a little over 30 miles (50 km) from Munich. Its size and geometrical complexity are spectacular.

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The Zetas of Zetatalk say crop circles speak a universal language, that they are more effective than words, as they register in many parts of the brain and tell their story with great depth. If so, what are they trying to tell us?

Per the Zetas, "true crop circles" (like some UFOs) speak to the subconscious which sees the patterns and senses their meaning. They say crop circles tell of coming astronomical occurrences and the approaching pole shift. They also say crop circles will appear with increasing urgency as we near the shift. READ also: Multiple UFO sightings in Japan sky: Telepathic warnings accompany UFO displays

Similar crop circles forming triads appeared in these fields within days of each other in July. Why July? Why triads? Could it have anything to do with the coming August magnetic trimester, which according to the Zetas will be a “humdinger.”

What is a magnetic trimester or triad,?

Per the Zetas, a magnetic trimester involves the activity of Planet X (Nibiru) during three four-month periods. There is a Spring trimester (Jan-Apr), a Summer trimester (May-Aug), and a Fall trimester (Sept- Dec). The Summer trimester, which peaks around the end of August, is the most powerful of the three. These dates are, of course, estimates.

Why should this time period be divided into three phases?

Also per the Zetas, the solar system is swayed by a larger magnetic field that encompasses it. They say scientists have discovered this field and found the solar system delineated by what they term “a magnetic ribbon,” or a pulse from afar. This pulse is divided into three parts that line up remarkably well with three four-month periods. They also say more precise estimates for the point this pulse changes would be Dec 17, Apr 20, and Aug 12.

What do magnetic trimesters have to do with crop circles?

If you haven't already noticed, the magnetic trimester or triad theme is found repeatedly in crop circles worldwide. If you recall, crop circles started with simple circles signifying a stable Earth orbit. Then the complexity increased with dual circles and rings relaying the interaction between Earth and Planet X (Nibiru), which is now leaving the solar system. As it exits, it attempts to shove hapless Earth out of its way. The result is Earth leans first to the left and then adjusts to the shove with a lean to the right, all on the same day.

What do you suppose a motion like this does to the tectonic plates? What should we we expect during the Summer trimester that peaks around the end of August?

Well, for starters, expect increased tectonic plate movement, accompanied by an increase in the number, frequency, and intensity of earthquakes (both have been setting records in July), as well as a large number of building collapses and explosions, train derailments, crane collapses, sinkholes and more on a daily basis. Then, there's the weather wobble with its unusual extremes of hot and cold spells and wild winds currently and regularly being experienced.

Never mind what others tell out about crop circles, listen to your subconscious.What do you think? Do crop circles predict the movement of Planet X (Nibiruu) through the solar system and its interaction with Earth?

TEST: While watching the video accompany this article, hold your hands up in front of you near the screen, What if anything do you feel or sense? Your comments on your experience are welcome.

QUESTION: Why is it that crop circles get media attention only when a couple retired guys claim they laid them down with boards and rope? Three guesses and the first two don't count!

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