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Creators of 'Super Xtar' focus on creating 1st worldwide, online talent contest

A combination of "American Idol," YouTube and Facebook is what the creators of "SuperXtar," an online-based talent competition, are calling their new labor of love, which aims to bring new opportunities for discovery and promotion to musicians throughout the world.

The creators of the new online-based music competition known as "SuperXtar," from left, are George Parra, Bob De Pew, George Ruiz and Dusty Miller.
George Ruiz/Used with permission

Based in Tampa Bay, Fla., "SuperXtar" was designed to not only find the music world's next big superstar, but in particular, also help those in areas such as "Africa, Asia and Central America, where local talent have historically faced challenges being 'discovered," have a shot at stardom, reported 'SuperXtar" co-founder George Ruiz in a June 5 interview with Examiner.

However, Ruiz--along with his "SuperXtar" partners George Parra, Bob De Pew and Dusty Miller--doesn't want the new musical competition, which will feature video performances, to be like all the others.

"We want to have a part in unifying the world, and one way that we can contribute is by making a worldwide talent contest and not mentioning contestant nationalities," Ruiz shared. Moreover, "The fact is that at this moment there is a vacuum in the world singing contest," he continued. "There isn’t any relevant worldwide talent contest, and what is worse, there isn’t much differentiation from one talent show to the next one.

"'SuperXtar' will be different in so many ways: it won’t have political or geographic boundaries, the singer will have to entertain the viewer and not just sing (and) it won’t have a panel of judges telling the contestants who is good or not. The viewers' judging skill will be rated."

And speaking of the contest's judges, this is another area where Ruiz said "Super Xtar" will differentiate itself from the other singing contests. Specifically, "SuperXtar" will work to fill a gap in the entertainment world that "will allow the viewer to watch, share and rate videos, and be rated themselves, according to their judging skills,"

Per Ruiz, "Everybody that watches a talent show becomes a judge in the sense that they have an opinion of the quality of the performer. In 'SuperXtar' the viewer will rate the performer and 'SuperXtar' will rate the viewer, making it challenging and fun for a person to participate.

"We will have a community of members from around the world that we will call 'judges' and they will be like a family. The 'best raters' will become 'judges' and they will participate in selecting videos, selecting viewer and winners' prizes, (such as) T-shirt and trophy design, et cetera. We want to treat our community of judges, like VIPs."

The performers, too, will have to cut the muster to help ensure that "Super Xtar" isn't like all the other shows that fill the TV listings.

“The singers will have to do more than just sing,” Ruiz noted. “They’ll have to entertain the viewer with some kind of dynamic singing performance and dance. We want to keep the viewer engaged.”

Before then, though, the online contest's creators are working to raise $100,000 in a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that officially kicks into gear July 15. Ruiz said the money raised will be used to build the "Super Xtar" social-network platform where contestant videos will be shared and rated.

With fundraising on the front burner, Ruiz said "SuperXtar" represents an opportunity for its founders to create "something that could bring a little unity to the world.," in addition to helping talented music-makers launch their careers.

"We wanted to make an impact, create something that not only entertained but provided real help," said Ruiz, who plans for some of the money raised to go toward putting music programs back in schools.

"Yes, we are looking to entertain in the short term," he declared, "but the bigger picture for us is much more ambitious. We want to change lives and in doing so possibly shape the world into a better place."

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