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Creationists go nuts over Cosmos, demand "equal time"

Creationists have a fit because evolution got any time at all.
Creationists have a fit because evolution got any time at all.

You've probably heard that Cosmos, the new version starring Neil deGrasse Tyson, is causing waves because it's on FOX, and it actually talks about (gasp!) evolution. But this week, Christians upped the ante on crazy by demanding "equal time" for creationists. You know, because they need things to be "balanced." In his typically incisive style, deGrasse explained one reason why that's a silly idea. “You don’t talk about the spherical Earth with NASA, and then say let’s give equal time to the flat Earthers. Plus, science is not there for you to cherry pick.” Well said, Dr. Tyson.

Let's not leave it there. We can add a number of reasons why the whole idea of "equal time" is silly.

1. We'd need a lot more evolution programming before things became "equal."

Yes, Cosmos is about evolution, and it's on a major network. How many other shows like it can you think of? There's "Evolution," on PBS. You know, from 2001. There's... um...
Hmm... You try it yourself. Try searching Google for "TV shows about evolution" or "TV shows about natural selection."

Now, to be fair, there aren't a ton of shows on TV specifically about creationism, either. However, there are entire networks devoted to Christianity, and legions of preachers with all the airtime they need to denounce evolution. Oh, and there was that major movie from a few years back. And there's a giant tax-payer subsidized theme park in Kentucky. And the movie about Noah. And entire catalogs of creationist movies and textbooks you can own for the low low price of $13.92.

No, it's not that Cosmos is taking up all the media time. It's that it's taking up any time at all. Think about it. If Cosmos was just another in a long line of shows about evolution, nobody would be saying anything about it. It's precisely because it's the only show of any note that anybody cares.

2. "Equal Time" is something for "Equal Ideas."

The number one reason why creationism gets no time on Cosmos, and deserves none, is that it is not an equal idea. There is simply no evidence whatsoever in any branch of science that points vaguely in the direction of a creator. Not a scratch. In fact, all the evidence points away from one. Creation is simply not a scientific theory. It's not even a wild hypothesis. It's a mythology, and it's completely improper to compare mythology to scientific theories. If it were, we'd have to include literally every creation myth ever invented -- in the interest of "true" equality.

3. Evolution and Creation have already had their "equal time."

It was called the Nye vs. Ham debate, and it made national news because even most Christians admitted that Nye won hands down and Ham looked... well... positively Neanderthal. No, it was not on a national network, but that's precisely the point. Creationism can't even make it off the small stage without embarrassing itself. Pat Robertson, known primarily for saying outrageously stupid and offensive things after natural disasters, even admitted that Ham was making Christians look like they need to be on the short bus.

This latest Christian whine-fest is just so many sour grapes. Their notion of a 6000 year old earth is... to put it as diplomatically as possible... barking mad. The fringe Christians who still believe in such nonsense are living in the Dark Ages, and thankfully, they don't even have enough pull in the Nielson Ratings to sway FOX to a Christian viewpoint. And when things are that bad, let's face it. It's time to throw in the towel.

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