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Crackpipe vending machines appear in downtown Vancouver

CTV News reported on Saturday that Canadians have placed crackpipe vending machines in downtown Vancouver. Crack users can purchase the pipes for a quarter each. The idea is to prevent the spread of diseases among drug users. The pipes are sturdy, and less likely to injure a drug user’s mouth, which spreads diseases like HIV and hepatitis C.

Crackpipe vending machines appear in downtown Vancouver.
CTV News website

The vending machines are part of a project introduced by InSite, a controversial safe injection site. InSite is the only medically supervised site in North America that permits addicts to inject heroin, cocaine, and other drugs into their veins. The InSite location is in Vancouver’s poorest region.

Although the program opened ten years ago, it’s still engulfed in controversy. The Canadian government supports the program and claims 800 people per day use the facility. InSite says that monitoring addicts saves lives and reduce overdoses.

Read more about this story at the CTV News website.

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