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Crab boat crew helps to rescue humpback whale tangled in fishing lines

Need a feel good story about human kindness towards the other inhabitants on our great planet? Off the coast of Washington, reports a heartwarming story about the crew on the crab boat, Pacific Girl untangle a mass of crab pot floats and lines off of a whale so entangled he could barely surface.

Cascadia Research and the crew of the Pacific Girl helped to untangle a baby whale from crab pots floats and lines in a heroic rescue.
NOAA photo

The whale was first spotted on May 6 in Grays Harbor; experts called in Cascadia Research to help with the rescue.

The 40 foot baby whale was hardly able to keep his head above the water; he had become so entangled in the wires, but the lines were all below the surface. The whale seemed to have had no trouble as the boat approached and didn't seem fearful or aggressive, however as he surfaced almost vertically, the removal of the tangled mess became more challenging.

It took four hours for divers and experts to finally manage to cut one of the cables, and as lucky fate would have it, that was the crucial cut as the other lines and crab pots fell away.

Experts estimated the whale may have been dragging the lines and pots for 50 miles.

When the whale was freed of his bondage, he quickly swam away. Some say he flipped his fluke as he left.

Congratulations to the crew of the Pacific Girl. Even though the crabbing season is in high gear, the kind people stayed and helped.

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