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Cows in 'Royals' trombone video will head to slaughter

A viral video making Internet rounds brings two points to the public. First, cows are amazing animals that apparently respond to music. Second, even cows that add their voices to a bovine-choir will end up as food. If any case could be made that cows may not be as mindless as many believe, the “Royals” video by Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg makes it. You may see the video above.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg serenades cows to trombone rendition of "Royals"
YouTube: Derek Klingenberg Screenshot

The “Royals cow video” shows Farmer Klingenberg kicked back in a lawn chair and playing the infamous tune by Lorde on his trombone. What at first appear to be miles of empty, vast plain suddenly fills with cows. This may give new meaning to the phrase, “Play until the cows come home.” According to an interview with NY Daily News, the cows were responding to a treat of molasses and not the music. The interview also states that the cows will eventually be sold to slaughter.

There are some interesting points to notice in the video. After Farmer Klingenberg concludes “Royals,” he moves into the finale and plays a few notes on the trombone. When he pauses off beat, the cows moo in unison, providing the final note. While some think the video may be a fake, and believe someone may be herding the cows to the forefront, it appears the cows are mooing together. At this point, nothing indicates the video is fake.

Some are beginning to question whether humans have underestimated cows and their intelligence. Response to the official video on YouTube is varied and some have shared opinions that they no longer want to eat beef. If cows are capable of communicating and forming social interactions as witnessed in the video, would your views on eating cows change?

In India, cows are a sacred, Hindu symbol, and are protected from harm. PETA Kids shares cow facts that point out the animals are vegetarians, friendly, and form lasting relationships. What are your views on Farmer Klingenberg’s “Royals” video and the fact that these cows will be sent to slaughter? Do you think society should continue with the beef and dairy trade as is? Or is it time to rethink our views on cows and animal intelligence?

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