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Couple arrested for having public sex on Chipotle Mexican Grill rooftop

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Passersby and witnesses in the Newark, Delaware, neighborhood in the 100 block of E. Main St. called local police Saturday night to report a couple in the throes of passion performing a variety of public sex acts on the rooftop of a Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant. Those making the calls informed the cops that the randy rooftop lovers "clearly knew that they were being watched," according to a July 15 report from The News Journal.

When officers with the Delaware Police Department arrived on the street below at approximately 9:40 p.m., Cpl. James Spadola said that a voyeuristic crowd had gathered on E. Main St. and that his officers could see the couple actively engaged in intercourse on the rooftop. Spadola added that the woman “was wearing a black dress that was pulled up." There was no indication in any of the police reports as to what the man was wearing.

One of the police officers shouted several times from the street for the couple to cease and desist their sexual activities. But his shouts fell upon deaf ears. Witnesses claim that the police yelled up to the couple for at least five minutes and that the couple “definitely heard them." The witnesses added that the man had removed his shirt and that at one point the woman’s breasts were exposed.

While the police continued to shout at the couple, the female looked down below at least once, but just continued to copulate. Finally, the man on the roof stopped the sex show, according to USA Today.

Police then yelled up to the couple that they were under arrest and that they should walk to a location on the roof where the police could better see them. Instead, the couple fled the scene and ran in the opposite direction from the police.

The cops conducted a search of the apartments in the building and eventually found 38-year-old Michael Suh, whom police recognized as the man on the roof. Suh immediately told police that he was sorry and added that his sexual rendezvous on the roof was an "in the moment thing." Police found 27-year-old Nicole Germack in Suh’s bathroom and recognized her as the female sex partner from the rooftop. In fact, police managed to recover Germack’s purse from the rooftop.

A black purse, containing Germack's Delaware driver's license and an iPhone was recovered "in the exact location" where the couple had been engaging in sex, police said.

Both Suh and Germack were arrested and charged with indecent exposure, lewdness, loitering, resisting arrest and conspiracy. The couple was released from jail after each paid $1,800 in bail.