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County and municipal candidates in Washtenaw County filed by Earth Day

Sally Petersen, here seen campaigning for City Council in 2012, is one of four candidates running for Ann Arbor Mayor.
Sally Petersen, here seen campaigning for City Council in 2012, is one of four candidates running for Ann Arbor Mayor.
Petersen's campaign website.

In addition to the candidates for federal and state offices who had to meet the Earth Day filing deadline for the August 5th primary. Major party candidates for county and municipal offices up for election this year also needed to file by 4:00 P.M. Tuesday with the Washtenaw County Clerk as well.

Independent candidates can still appear on the November ballot, but they must file by July 17th.

Only one seat on the Washtenaw County Commission has a contested primary, the 5th District seat being vacated by Democrat Rolland Sizemore of Ypsilanti. Four candidates, Victor Dobrin, Wilma Gold-Jones, Ruth Ann Jamnick, and Keith Jason are vying for the Democratic nomination and the opportunity to face Timothy King, the lone Republican. Of the remaining eight seats, six have just one Democrat and one Republican who will go through the primary to the general election in November. Two seats have incumbents who face no major party opposition, the 2nd and 3rd districts, where Republicans Dan Smith and Alicia Ping, respectively, are currently unchallenged.

No Republicans filed for Mayor or City Council in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, only Democrats. That means that, absent an independent challenger, the winner of the Democratic primary in August will run unopposed in November.

In both cities, the Mayor's race has the most candidates. Ann Arbor has four, Sabra Briere, Stephen Kunselman, Sally Hart Petersen, and Christopher Taylor. Three people are running for Ypsilanti Mayor, Tyrone Bridges, Amanda Edmonds, and Pete Murdock. Both seats are open, as Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje and Ypsilanti Mayor Paul Schreiber are not seeking re-election.

In Ann Arbor, four of the five City Council seats have contested primaries, with only Graydon Krapohl running unopposed in the Democratic primary for the 4th Ward seat. In contrast, only one of Ypsilanti's City Council seats has a contested primary, the 1st Ward with Nicole Brown and Steve Pierce.

All of the contested primaries for township offices will be on the Republican ballot. Harley Rider and Mark Wojno will face off in August to see who runs against Democrat Michael Kundak-Cowall for Dexter Township Supervisor. Whoever wins the Republican nomination between Laurie Carey and Rebekkah Pratt will be the only major party candidate on the ballot in November for Manchester Township Treasurer. Currently, one Republican, Valisa Bristle, who filed for Freedom Township Clerk, and one Democrat, Ken Schwartz, running for Superior Township Supervisor, are unopposed in both the primary and the general.

Below are the major party candidates for county and municipal offices whose names will appear on the August 5th primary in Washtenaw County, along with their party affiliations.

Washtenaw County Commission

1st District

Kent Martinez-Kratz (D)
Lawrence A. Murphy (R)

2nd District

Dan Smith (R)

3rd District

Alicia Ping (R)

4th District

Felicia Brabec (D)
Stanley F. Watson (R)

5th District

Victor Dobrin (D)
Wilma Gold-Jones (D)
Ruth Ann Jamnick (D)
Keith P. Jason (D)
Timothy King (R)

6th District

Ronnie D. Peterson (D)
David H. Raaflaub (R)

7th District

Andy LaBarre (D)
Joe Miriani (R)

8th District

Yousef Rabhi (D)
Jeffrey R. Gallatin (R)

9th District

Conan Smith (D)
John Floyd (R)

Ann Arbor Mayor

Sabra Briere (D)
Stephen Kunselman (D)
Sally Hart Petersen (D)
Christopher Taylor (D)

Ann Arbor City Council

Ward 1

Sumi Kailasapathy (D)
Don D. Adams Jr. (D)

Ward 2

Nancy Kaplan (D)
Kirk Westphal (D)

Ward 3

Julie Grand (D)
Sam McMullen (D)

Ward 4

Graydon Krapohl (D)

Ward 5

Leon K. Bryson (D)
Chuck Warpehoski (D)

Ypsilanti Mayor

Tyrone Bridges (D)
Amanda Edmonds (D)
Pete J. Murdock (D)

Ypsilanti City Council

Ward 1

Nicole A. Brown (D)
Steve Pierce (D)

Ward 2

Daniel Vogt (D)

Ward 3

Brian Robb (D)

Dexter Township Supervisor

Michael Kundak-Cowall (D)
Harley B. Rider (R)
Mark Wojno (R)

Freedom Township Clerk

Valisa Bristle (R)

Manchester Township Treasurer

Laurie A. Carey (R)
Rebekkah Pratt (R)

Superior Township Supervisor

Ken Schwartz (D)

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