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Country artist Jason Sturgeon expands his brand to the beef-jerky business

For Toolpusher recording artist and entrepreneur Jason Sturgeon, it's not enough to found his own label and enjoy country-music success. Nope, the indie artist has now made beef jerky part of his business portfolio.

Jason Sturgeon's got a new release, "Cornfields and Coal," and a new line of beef jerky that's a hit.
Splash Publicity/Used with permission.

Sturgeon, who recently launched a new product line named BackRoad, has made beef jerky the first item that his new line has up for grabs. And per the songster's PR camp, it's "just flying off the shelves in the Midwest, where the tasty treat is available in stores."

With four BackRoad Beef Jerky flavors ready for consumers--namely, Double Habanero Chipotle, Hickory, Honey Glazed and Mild--there's a just-right taste for all jerky lovers.

“I decided to launch BackRoad with beef jerky because it happens to be my favorite snack," Sturgeon shared with Examiner via an April 28 email. "It’s lean protein, so it’s a healthy snack and gives you an energy boost. I personally like the hot flavor of the Double Habanero Chipotle, but there’s a flavor for everyone.”

BackRoad Beef Jerky is distributed by Hedinger Beverage Distributing. For more info on the product, please visit

As for his musical side,Sturgeon’s latest musical offering is "Cornfields and Coal," a project wherein the the songsmith show’s a softer side, with songs such as “I Never Got to Be Your Dad” and a remake of the '90s rock hit, “Angel Eyes.” Still, his ramped-up, rock-infused edgy side can't be quelled, as demonstrated on tunes that show listeners his teeth, including“Lost Our Minds” and “Time Bomb.”

  • Video bonus: To see the official music video for Jason Sturgeon's "Time Bomb," please access the clip embedded with this post.
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