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Could Victoria Rafaeli be the ‘Big Brother 16’ America’s Favorite?

Could Victoria Rafaeli be the ‘Big Brother 16’ America’s Favorite?
Could Victoria Rafaeli be the ‘Big Brother 16’ America’s Favorite?
Photo courtesy of CBS Big Brother 16 live feeds and used with permission

Victoria Rafaeli has been relatively quiet the first few weeks in the “Big Brother 16” house, speaking mainly with Derrick and Donny. But it seems that over the past few days Victoria has become more friendly with other houseguests, including Christine, Zach and Frankie.

Watching the "Big Brother 16" live feeds at approximately 10:48 p.m. PT on July 13 Victoria was having a conversation with Frankie, Christine, Hayden and Zach regarding the fact that she sometimes incorrectly uses words or phrases. Victoria’s family speaks Hebrew at home and English is her second language. During week two Devin Shepherd had some communication problems with Victoria and blamed it on “cultural differences.”

Victoria was laughing and joking with Frankie, Zach, Hayden and Christine about the phrase “you’re dead to me.” Victoria asked about the phrase, “you’re done to me” and the others corrected her and everyone laughed, even Victoria. Zach asked what they would do without Victoria.

This led to a conversation about others correcting Victoria when she incorrectly uses words or phrases. Victoria explained that her mother is American but speaks three languages so that may be the reason she does not catch Victoria. Frankie Grande pointed out to Victoria that she was getting a lot of camera time lately and that “Big Brother 16” fans were going to love her. Frankie then declared that Victoria would have tons of fans when she left the “Big Brother” house and she probably would get voted “America’s Favorite” at the end of their stay in the "Big Brother 16" house.

Though Rafaeli has many fans, the consensus, so far, outside the house among “Big Brother 16” fans is that she is a non-entity and is not really playing the game. Of course, the overused term “floater” has been used to describe the 22-year-old photographer from Weston, Fla. It remains to be seen if Victoria will make any big moves in order to win the $500,000 prize. To date she has not won any Head of Household or Power of Veto competitions, but she did win one Battle of the Block.