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Cops nab Kansas man driving to Florida for sex hook up with minor child

The 90 pound dwarf detailed his sexual fantasies online with the minor child, who turned out to be an undercover cop.
The 90 pound dwarf detailed his sexual fantasies online with the minor child, who turned out to be an undercover cop.
Seminole County Sheriff's Office

An unemployed, four-foot, 10-inch tall Kansas man, weighing all of 90 pounds, reportedly drove straight through from Kansas City to Florida earlier this month in a rush to have sex with, impregnate and marry a 14-year-old Florida girl he met in an Internet chat room. That young girl was actually an undercover cop with the Longwood Police Department posing as a minor girl as part of Operation Safenet.

According to an April 19 report from The Orlando Sentinel, Christopher Lanning, 40, arrived in Florida to meet his fantasy girl on April 8, in a Ford F-150 pickup truck reeking with the smell of his own waste. Lanning, who has dwarfism, never stopped for a bathroom break between Kansas and Florida, and urinated in a bottle during his cross country trip to hook up with who he thought would be a 14-year-old girl.

The alleged pedophile described in great detail in “a string of sexually charged messages” with his assumed future minor bride his sexual fantasies, including ripping off the dress of the decoy Lyman High School girl, getting her pregnant and marrying her. Throughout the course of Lanning’s chats with the girl, the decoy child wrote that she was only 14, to which Lanning replied, "I would be honored to be your man. If you'll let me.''

He later sent a naked photo of himself and continued to iron out details of their meeting with what he called his "beloved wife.'' He brought up the dress she would be wearing before they had sex, asking whether it could be removed quickly.

"He also wanted to know if it was expensive so he could rip it off," the report alleges.

The Daily News shared that the Longwood police caught up with Lanning and arrested him in the parking lot of a Longwood, Fla. gas station on April 8. Prior to his arrest, he kept in touch with his decoy fantasy girl, and told her was experiencing some financial difficulties during his cross country drive. He asked his future love to wire him some money once he arrived in Florida. The decoy’s response was that she couldn’t, as she was in school.

The Longwood police can’t say for certain how Lanning got the funds to finish the last leg of his trip. But the cops did recover a woman’s wallet containing $6.50 from Lanning’s vehicle. Police also recovered a photograph of an unidentified girl from Lanning’s truck.

Charged with traveling to meet a child for sex, use of a two-way communication device for a felony and transmitting obscene material to a minor, Lanning is currently being held at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility on a $15,300 bond. He’s also been banned from using a computer or the Internet. Lanning will beck in court on May 20 for his scheduled arraignment.

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