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Cops murdered by FARC terrorists condemned by Colombia's leader

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos said on Tuesday in Bogota that he condemns the vicious execution-style murders of two police officers allegedly abducted by the narco-terrorist group known as FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) in Narino, Colombia.

Colombian cops after rescuing a kidnapped American give the victory sign to reporters.
Police and Security News

President Santos while participating in a public event told members of the news media that he was informed that the two officers were gruesomely tortured before being executed by their captors. He also claimed that his police commanders had proof that members of a FARC unit operating in civilian garb were responsible.

FARC members are usually dressed in paramilitary uniforms including army camouflage fatigues or olive drab uniforms.

President Santos told the press that the terrorist group's heinous crime would result in swift punishment of the perpetrators and that he's ordered his Minister of Defense, Juan Pinzon, to chase down and capture these cop-killers.

Colombia's National Police identified the dead cops as being 33-year-old Major German Olinto Mendez-Pabon and 28-year-old Patrol Officer Edilmer Munoz Ortiz.

Colombia's police forces have initiated a far reaching dragnet to locate the cop-killers and the federal government is offering a 100-million pesos ($50,000 U.S.) reward.

Santos' government has been engaged in peace talks in Havana with FARC, Colombia's largest terrorist group, since November 2012.

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