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Conspiracy Review: The Obama born in Kenya debate finally settled

A large number of Americans believe that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, and therefore was never eligible to for president of the United States. Many have pointed to convincing evidence that the birth certificate Obama has released is bogus. Additionally, public relations information about his first book, that was quoted in news reports when he ran for US Senate in Illinois, identify Obama as having been born in Kenya. But is this really true?

The Kenyan birth conspiracy debunked
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

It's not true, the alleged Kenyan birth certificate is a fraud. Additionally, if Barack Obama had really been born in Kenya, a LOT of people would have known that and had real evidence of it, and the number of people that would have to have been silenced in order to allow Obama to claim he was born in Hawaii, and get elected president, is a huge number, and that's just not possible. Someone with real evidence will have spilled the beans, and that hasn't happened. For all the claims, there is no real evidence.

Yet Obama was identified in some materials as having been born in Kenya, and it's likely Obama did or agreed to this himself. Why would he make such a false claim, you ask? My theory on that is, he applied for and appears to have obtained a foreign student scholarship while a student at Occidental College and then later at Columbia University, and the best and quickest way to qualify for that would be to claim to have been born in Kenya.

There is a lot that is fake and fraudulent about Barack Hussein Obama Jr. (few know he's a junior, his dad is Barack Hussein Obama Sr.), but his status as having been born in Hawaii is legitimate. There is much other solid evidence, including a birth notice in a local newspaper, which not have been planted back then just because they knew in the early 1960s that Obama, who was just born, would some day run for president. Obama was born in Hawaii, it's established fact.

But so much else about Obama is a fraud. He won't release his college records. He won't release his medical records as most presidents have. He won't release things like papers and others writings he did while in college or law school at Harvard University. His fellow students at Columbia, including those in political science which is what he majored in, don't even remember seeing Barack Obama on campus or in their classes. One has to wonder if he really did attend his classes?

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