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Connecting with employees: Make sure they give you the good and bad

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Have you ever worked for someone that absolutely positively could not accept any bad news? Every time you are the messenger of a lost sale, lost profit, customer complaint, talented employee’s resignation or some other item the leader was not going to be happy about you got yelled at.

How did this make you feel?

Every leader needs to instill on their team that they are partner in the good and the bad. If your team is growing business or increasing productivity they are taking chances that will not always work out well. Things will undoubtedly go wrong.

The effective leader was well-connected to his employees has proven to the team members that when something bad happens the leader will team with them to find the best possible solution.

Be careful how you initially react the bad news. Make sure the messenger understand that your frustration is not because of them or what they have done. In fact your frustration should really be the first step in handling the opportunity for team growth.

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