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Connecting with employees: Keep track of how many times you compliment

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Dale Carnegie said the sweetest thing a person could ever hear was their name. If you couple their name with a complement you a powerful one-two punch that will help you to connect to any team member.

Employees like to know the leader is aware of their successes. Reluctant to be boastful the employee is not likely to go bragging about an accomplishment so it is required of the leader to be aware of what is happening in order to be able to give genuine compliments.

If you are taking time to meet with employees daily and have recruited lieutenants you will be able to hear of major accomplishments, excellent customer service or other successes from their coworkers. This will allow you to give a detailed complement to a deserving team member.

Keep track of the time such complement each team member to ensure you are getting the proper amount of encouragement. Remember to count only those compliments that were specific and timely.

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