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Connecticut gun control now in full effect

Connecticut's new anti-gun, anti-ammunition laws took full effect today.
Connecticut's new anti-gun, anti-ammunition laws took full effect today.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

As of today the new gun control laws that liberty and gun rights watchdog groups say are unconstitutional are now in full effect in Connecticut. April 1 was the official date that the laws were to go into full effect.

With the approval of the Conn. state legislature and the swish of the pen of the governor, Connecticut has turned hundreds of thousands of gun owning citizens into criminals, just like that.

According to The Blaze via The Conservative Angle, as of today long guns cannot be sold or transfered unless the citizen has one of the following documents -- a permit to carry handguns, a long gun eligibility certificate, or a certificate of eligibility for handguns, all of which must be issued by the state.

In addition, only those with the documents listed above will be allowed to purchase ammunition, unless that citizen has an ammunition certificate issued by the state.

And having a hunting license will not give hunters the ability to purchase long guns for hunting. Hunters must have a certificate from the state that specifically allows them to buy long guns.

The Blaze reiterated its take on the new laws:

As The Blaze has reported extensively, Connecticut’s hastily-passed gun control law made tens of thousands of legal gun owners technically guilty of committing felonies overnight. The law requires owners of semi-automatic rifles classified as so-called “assault weapons” to register their guns and high-capacity magazines.

A portion of Connecticut's new anti-gun laws went into effect on Jan. 1, 2014. That portion was the part that dealt with magazines. Connecticut gun owners can longer legally possess a magazine that holds more than 10 bullets.

Citizens that already possessed larger capacity magazines are required to register them.

But thousands of gun owners have refused to abide by the new laws which they contend are unconstitutional. It is unclear what action state police will take against these citizens, but early on law enforcement took a hard line approach concerning the new laws.

Threats of widespread civil disobedience, including help from gun rights activists from across the country who promise to come to Connecticut to help their fellow gun owners, may have tempered some of the threats issued by law enforcement early on.

Still, Connecticut has not yet issued an official statement that it will not aggressively enforce the new laws. Meanwhile New York and other New England states have already stated that they will depend on their citizens to turn in forbidden firearms and accessories, meaning that there are no plans for law enforcement to conduct searches and seizures.

Whether or not that stance will be permanent remains to be seen.


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