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Confiscation, will they count the cost?

The Three Musket Grabbers
The Three Musket Grabbers
photo by Liston Matthews

Australians have endured very restrictive gun laws since 1996. Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea offers some commentary on POTUS' love for Aussie gun laws, and his wish to emulate them. It stands to reason he would, if given the opportunity, confiscate Americans' guns just as the did Down Under.

In the photo above left, we see Bloomberg, POTUS, and Feinstein, America's Three Musketeers er, Musket-grabbers. Feinstein has long been on record in favor of confiscation, as noted in my article HERE. Bloomberg has spent enough money to burn a wet dog, trying to pass (successfully in Colorado) gun/magazine bans.

And the POTUS, well, he has stated on numerous occasions, his desire to disarm American citizens.

But, are the dear leaders, as well as their cohorts in Congress and the many state houses counting the cost. Confiscation cost General Gage and his troops dearly, and ignited the war that led to American independence.

I am afraid not. But if you are a member of a police agency, I hope you count the cost, and be mindful of some facts.

  1. There are millions of good citizens who go about their daily business, never purposefully doing anyone harm. They mostly make a good-faith effort to obey the law, because they know it is the right thing to do. These folks are not the enemy.
  2. Then there is another distinctly different group. You (LEO's) deal with them on a regular basis. You are forced by the system to play the sport-fishing game with them, catch and release, catch and release. . .

My dear LEO friend, don't make the mistake of confusing these two groups. The dear leaders may pass laws that put you in a bad situation. They may command you to treat the first group like the second, raid their houses, and confiscate their guns. I would guess that if you ignore your oath to the Constitution, and follow those instructions, you will get away with it up to a point.

But, know this, there are infinitely more (armed) people in group one than in blue uniforms. POTUS has been called many things, but one unmistakable title he well deserves is "Gun Salesman of the Year". He has singlehandedly done more to sell guns than anyone, ever. Some unknown number of these group one people have been accumulating guns and ammo at a remarkable rate. Do you think they spent their hard-earned money on this hardware, just to give it to you?

Please don't bring a war to them (us).

Take the time to go over and read Dear Mr. Security Agent.

Now whether you wear a Federal, state, or local uniform, or perform your duties in suit and tie, you swore an oath, as I did to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" That oath, of itself, will inhibit an honorable LEO from following in the footsteps of Gage's troops of April 19, 1775.

But know this, if honor won't stop you, somewhere there is a tipping point, a third strike of the match. When you go beyond that point. . .

We all lose.


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A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Proverbs 22:3 (NLT)


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