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‘Community’ mocks NBC? Season finale ending dares network to cancel show

Joel McHale
Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

The fans of “Community” have been frustrated with NBC on how the show has been moved around the schedule. The fans have watched as the show switched time slots, was delayed and then the show was back on the schedule again. Apparently the cast of “Community” isn't really fond of the treatment by NBC either. And to make their point known, they put together a season finale sendoff that was directed to the executives at NBC to think about. According to the Huffington Post on Monday, it mocked the network and the show ending was perfect.

The final moments on “Community” revealed what could replace the show. Giving fans fictitious show titles that could be seen in the place in case of cancellation there was “Intensive Karen,” "Mr. Egypt," "Captain Cook" and "Celebrity Beat Off."

At first look, the NBC logo and television executive appears real, but fans immediately noticed the credits rolling on top. It was the hint that the show was mocking the network and what has happened in the past.

It is safe to say that the cast and crew of “Community” is a little annoyed? Absolutely! It’s also fair to point out that once again the fans have no idea if this show will return to the lineup. There was no final goodbye or news on a new season. Zap2It is reporting that the show essentially dares NBC not to renew it for a sixth season. However the network has yet to make a decision and that is frustrating for those folks who have put time into the series.

Limbo is a cruel world when it comes to television. It keeps everything (and the cast) on hold until a final decision is made. As “Community” fans have seen in the past, there never has been a fast answer on this series, so expect to wait a while. As for the season finale ending, the cast must be in heaven to mock their bosses so easily.

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