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Commit to be Fit

Columbus, Ohio has made strides to become fit, just like the street in downtown Columbus, which bares the name Commit To Be Fit. The street is surrounded by City Hall, LeVeque Tower, The Department of Education, and many other prominent organizations in the community. Commit to be fit stresses the importance of wellness and ways to lead a healthy life.

The street is accessed by individuals who work, create, write, and those who want to be more than a mere object standing on that street.
It is accessed by the individuals who make health and wellness a lifestyle and not just a socially discussed word. The commitment of this city to be healthy can be seen or heard by bikers, runners, walkers, wellness practitioners, and health discussions. These health pioneers are concerned with their body fat, muscle composition, counting carbs, and wearing jeans that do not require 15 minutes to put on.

Some helpful hints to becoming healthier are: regular exercise, eating right, and drinking water. Exercising is a great way to increase your energy level, endurance, and alertness. It provides your body with a constant flow of oxygen to the upper and lower extremities. When exercising, you should start slow and try exercising for 15 – 20 minutes every other day. Once you become more confident and experienced, increase your workout to five days a week.

Exercising and eating healthy goes hand in hand. Eating a well balanced meal requires eating breakfast, a snack, lunch, another snack, and dinner. This allows your body to stay well nourished to complete various activities. Wouldn’t it be great to quench your thirst without worrying about the fat content or amount of sugar? You can do just that with water. Water is a colorless substance with zero calories and the ability to satisfy.

So, next time you want a little inspiration to be healthy, visit the Commit To Be Fit Street and start your journey today.


  • Joyce 5 years ago

    Thanks for this info. I had never heard of Commit To Be Fit Street. Gotta check it out!! Good work.

  • Shelly 1 year ago

    Love it. Great info!

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