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Columbus Crew: Soccer match cancelled after fan struck by lightning

The soccer match was cancelled after a fan was struck by lightning.
The soccer match was cancelled after a fan was struck by lightning.
Barbara J. Perenic - Dispatch

A soccer match between the Columbus Crew and FC Dallas had to be cancelled due to a severe storm that rolled in and a fan was struck by lightning. Dispatch reported on June 28, 2014, that an off-duty Columbus firefighter was in the parking lot outside of Crew Stadium when he was struck by lightning.

The victim of the lightning strike has been identified as Columbus Fire Lieutenant Stu Tudor. he was brought to the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in critical condition.

Not long after the lightning strike happened, the game between the Columbus Crew and FC Dallas was cancelled "for reasons beyond our control." An announcement was made on the PA system to all those at the stadium.

A huge "Emergency Announcement" was also made on the scoreboard of the Columbus Crew Stadium.

As kickoff got closer and closer, the storm moved in more and more. It was about 15 minutes before kickoff that a gigantic lightning bolt was said to have struck on the southwest side of Crew Stadium. A fan named Don Lewis was in one of the port-a-potties on that he felt the electricity.

“All of a sudden it was just a bomb that went off,” Lewis said. “I knew it was close. The electricity ran through me.”

Shortly after, 911 was called with the report that a man had been struck by lightning. Lewis came out of the port-a-potty and saw a man lying on the ground who "was purple and had his shirt ripped off."

Once emergency crews arrived on the scene, CPR was performed on Tudor. Three emergency medical vehicles left the scene within 10 minutes and eyewitnesses said that the victim did not look to be responsive upon leaving the stadium.

The Columbus Crew released a statement saying that "rescheduling information regarding the match will be available in the near future, and tickets for tonight’s contest will be honored."

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