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Columbine principal shuns gun control

Perhaps the best to ask how to better sheild people from gun violence, Frank DeAngelis knows the answer in not gun control
Perhaps the best to ask how to better sheild people from gun violence, Frank DeAngelis knows the answer in not gun control
Daybreak / KWGN

The recently retired principal of Columbine High School says gun control is not the solution to mental health issues.

It doesn't come as much of a shock these days that an interview of the former principal of Columbine High School, known as one of the heroes of arguably the worst mass school shooting tragedy in US history, is nowhere to be found. Even when searching for it on the website owned by the news channel that conducted the interview, Denver’s KWGN Channel 2, any mention of it whatsoever is strikingly absent. With the only remnants of it being a screenshot used as this article's main image, snapped during the only time a brief segment of the interview was shown on television the day he retired, highlighting his stance on a certain controversial topic, and a transcript of that segment below.

Sure, you will find a smattering of stories mentioning the 35 year teaching career of Frank DeAngelis, after following through on a 15-year vow to remain the principal until every single one of the children who were in a school in his community at the time of the tragedy had graduated (this year). Displaying the type of character and love for the children and their education and development that helped land him the job as a high school principal in the first place. All while following through on his commitment, even through the type of adversity most will never have to endure, with class, honor and dignity.

But one would expect that the retirement of one of the best known school principals in the country and a man who helped lead a community out of the doldrums of an atrocity that will linger for many, many decades to come would be a much more highly publicized event. Especially with the scope of sensationalism the establishment and its media has given toward violence in schools over the past couple years, his retirement is just the type of opportunity that would typically be used to continue politically hyping tragedies that seem, to the average individual, to have escalated in frequency over the past couple years.

As Frank DeAngelis cleaned out his office Friday and walked out of Columbine High School for the final time after 18 bittersweet years as its principal, however, the mainstream media was strangely reluctant to talk much about his final moments at the school. Even when doing so, keeping it to a rather odd, short and sweet minimum.

Such as this Headline News piece, or this local Denver article and video, that ran as relatively scarce memorials to the man and the legacy he leaves behind. Which not only includes the dedication showed to his students and community as a levelheaded leader in the long and arduous process of recovering from a situation like the April 20, 1999 massacre, but in gracefully and humbly enduring and surviving both the tragedy and the many subsequent attacks on his character, competence and career. Including those during the multitudes of unsuccessful lawsuits he was named in, brought about by some opportunistic parents of students who endured and/or died during the tragedy.

So, after learning so much more about a man who remained a pillar of stability throughout it all and a perfect example for his students and beyond, especially in the face of some of the worst society has to offer, both during and after the tragedy, as he finally bids a fond farewell to the students who love and respect him in return, for so many reasons, one doesn’t have to go too far out on a limb to grasp just why the media has failed to give him the recognition he deserves. And rest assured it has little to do with the amount of time they have to dedicate to his story. (Just ask CNN, etc…)

The real reason Friday’s Channel 2 News interview with Principal DeAngelis is nowhere to be found is because, just as he has stated so many times before, in every single interview since the tragedy, no matter how many times or ways they asked the same question, the answer was always a resilient "no." Contrary to their attempts to lead him into an answer that would satisfy the establishment’s attempts to drum-up any kind of support for their gun control agenda they can find, the man with perhaps the best perspective on what it means to have gone through that type of a situation and then over 15 years to reflect on how to best deal with it, the same way he dealt with his kids as a monument to grace and stability in the community, he never bent or wavered in his understanding that “gun control is not the solution.”

Regardless of whether or not DeAngelis is aware of the FBI’s own statistics proving gun restrictions always lead to a less safe society as a whole (just ask all those continually victimized in gun-free zones in America and beyond), he has always known that the problem is not the ownership of guns in the US, or even the relative ease at which it is to retain firearms in the so-called “freest” nation on earth. The problem is just how sick our society has become and the solution is figuring out the cause and why it is our kids have become so angry and/or willing to do those types of things to other children and people.

But in much the same way there never seems to be a run “for the cause,” the establishment and therefore the media doesn’t really seem to be all that interested in the reason for the worsening and sickening of our society and the physical and mental health of its residents. All they want to do, for some very strange reason, is continue focusing on the side effects. Which, as at least Frank DeAngelis intimately understands, is never a way to solve anything.

Because, if you start looking into the cause of some of the very problems society is facing in both mental and physical health, especially those that could lead so many to becoming angry and detached enough to commit atrocities such as the Columbine High School Massacre, you may then start finding clues and trails that begin leading back to the very establishment, media, corporations, food and health industries, video game manufacturers, etc., that are putting on the shows, movies, music, foods, drugs and advertisements in the first place. Then add that to the fact that these same entities are also typically paying the bills of the individuals asking the questions and doing the news interviews to begin with, not only is it easy to see just how biased and subjective the mainstream media truly is, it’s no wonder why there’s no reference at all to the interview.

TV segment transcript:

News anchor:
"Well, new this morning… Two boys have been arrested in Tennessee for allegedly plotting to carry out a mass shooting at their high school. Their arrest came just days after the shooting at Reynolds High, near Portland Oregon. And now, retiring Columbine Principal Frank DeAngelis is talking about what he thinks the problem is."

(Quick interview clip) "…But, what I see is I think we need to continue to spend money on these kids who are struggling with mental health issues. I know in every situation these kids do not come out of their mother’s womb hating and we need to identify what is causing them to develop this hatred within their hearts…" (End clip)(Fade to massacre footage)

News anchor:
(While showing scenes from Columbine massacre footage) "DeAngelis also talked about whether stricter gun control measures would solve the problem and he said he didn't think so. DeAngelis also said every time there is another school shooting it takes him and everyone in Columbine back to 1999… It re-traumatizes them." (End segment)

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