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'Heaven Is for Real': Colton Burpo talks about movie, his near-death experience

Colton Burpo’s interview about his near-death experience and his visit to the afterlife is filled with stunning details describing Jesus as having “brown hair, a brown beard, and beautiful sea-blue eyes." In lieu of the movie “Heaven is for Real,” Colton Burpo and his parents, Todd and Sonya Burpo, have been giving interviews retelling the story of Colton’s visit to heaven. According to an April 14 report,” the Burpo’s have an incredible story that’s being heard around the world.”

Colton Burpo interview: Jesus rides a rainbow-colored horse in the afterlife
Photo by Stewart F. House

The movie “Heaven is for Real” hit theaters on April 16, just a few days before Easter. The book “Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back” has been a New York Times best-selling Christian book since its publication in November of 2010. The book was written by Colton’s father Todd and Lynn Vincent.

The book, as well as the movie, tell Colton’s story of how he died and went to heaven after his appendix burst when he was four years old. Colton’s near-death experience and account of the afterlife is filled with amazing details about heaven -- including Jesus riding on a rainbow-colored horse and meeting King David, Samson, the apostles Peter and John, Mary, his great grandfather and sister, Jesus, and the archangels Michael and Gabriel.

“Colton says heaven looks like a perfect version of earth. He says there’s no night in heaven. He says everyone in heaven has wings, and nobody has glasses or uses wheelchairs. He says everyone in heaven is young. He says there are animals, trees, and water in heaven.” When he met his grandfather in heaven, he was not an old man but rather a man in his 30s, as the movie depicts.

In regard to Jesus, the now 14-year-old near-death survivor says that Jesus has brown hair, a brown beard, beautiful sea-blue eyes, and that his smile is brighter than anything one can imagine. As for God, Colton says that he is so big that the whole world can fit into his hand. “The closest representation to what God looks like is the archangel Gabriel.”

Undoubtedly, Colton has had an experience that to some degree reflects the experiences of other people that have had near-death experiences and have visited the afterlife. Dannion Brinkley, Betty Eadie, Eben Alexander, Jasmine Thomas, and members of the International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) talk about heaven.

However, unlike the near-death experiences described by many – which includes going up through a tunnel into the light – Colton says that angels came and took him to heaven and that “he was very afraid when he saw the angels.” Was that Colton’s real experience when dying at the age of four or was this based on his parents saying “you must have been afraid of the angels.”

Melvin L. Morse, an American medical doctor and the author of “Closer to the Light,” has not visited the afterlife himself, but he has interviewed countless of children who have had near-death experiences. None of them expressed fear when going to heaven – only love and light. Similar to Brinkley, Eadie, Alexander, Thomas, and other people who have had near-death experiences, those children also talked about the one thing that remained with them after having been in the light – homesickness.

Colton Burpo’s interview with his parents is interesting to watch because it is noteworthy of who says what. Colton’s near-death experience was eleven years ago and he himself wouldn’t remember of what he experienced versus what his parents perceived to be his experience. As pointed out in a “Heaven is for Real” movie review by The New York Times on April 15, the movie is “cleverly circumventing any parental influence.”

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