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'Colossal failure': McCain's assessment of Iraq foreign policy

Senator McCain’s assessment of the Iraq foreign policy and Obama national security team sounds about right. They all should resign in mass for their obvious failing. Their hands off approach permitted President Maliki to drift further and further from an inclusive government. Now, there is no place for Sunnis. The backlash and vacuum has left the opportunity wide open for al Qaeda, ISIL, and other radical militants to ban together against the US backed Maliki government. The official Iraqi government is about to be overrun in nearly the same speed that Americans overwhelmed the place. An earlier report today had it that 800 insurgents sent 30,000 Iraq army regulars running for daylight.

Obama and his National Security Team
Photo by The White House/Getty Images

So, Senator McCain, do you want America to fly into that trap again? Surely, we can use airpower to assist the government to hold the line, but only if the Iraqi military want to. That is an open question.

The trouble with asking Obama to fire his national security team is that he will than have to replace them. That presumes that he has learned how to select more qualified candidates, which he has not. It also presumes that Congress will give timely approval, and they most certainly won’t.

The silver lining is that Obama's screw ups may actually bring the political parties together as they both find his performance detestable.

“McCain: Obama’s entire national security team should resign over Iraq

By Martin Matishak and Alexander Bolton - 06/12/14 11:20 AM EDT
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Thursday called for President Obama’s national security team to resign over the fast-collapsing security situation in Iraq.

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