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Colo. government website aims to educate about marijuana

Colorado wants to educate residents and tourists about Colorado's marijuana laws.
Colorado wants to educate residents and tourists about Colorado's marijuana laws.
Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

As Colorado enters it fourth month of legal marijuana retail and medical marijuana sales, the state is now doing its part to help educate the public about marijuana effects and safety issues.

According to CBS News on Monday, using new information from the state departments of education, transportation, human services, environment and revenue, the new website,, aims to target frequently asked questions.

The website was made to be beneficial to those both in the state and outside. The information will specifically address health effects and what the laws in Colorado mean. For parents, there’s a section called “Impact on Youth;” for those looking to grow their own, there’s a section called “Home Growers.”

Many of the questions in the FAQ relate to how residents and tourists can adhere to the state law while using this new service and includes questions like, “Now that it is legal, can I still be drug tested at work?“

Dr. Larry Wold, the executive director and chief medical officer for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, says he and his department aim to keep the website as current as possible by adding new studies and education material when it becomes available. To achieve this goal, his group has requesting $3.7 million dollars from the state’s general assembly.

In another move to educate the public, the state launched a $500,000 advertising campaign warning marijuana-users to not drive while high. Under Colorado law, a DUI can be issued if the driver has more than 5 nanograms of THC in his/her system.

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