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College student: $350K drone parts sent by UPS by mistake

College students receives $350k drone parts by mistake.
College students receives $350k drone parts by mistake.
NOAA Photo Library/Wikimedia Commons

A college student received parts of a $350k drone on accident, and the mix-up is now making news today. The mistake was made by UPS. The service sent the package carrying the drone parts to the wrong address. The drone was meant to arrive in a collection of eight boxes to a location in Massachusetts. Seven of the boxes arrived at their intended destination, but the eighth box somehow managed to arrive in New York City. On May 6, WCVB reported on the accidental mailing.

What did the eighth box contain? That box contained the wings and a control device for the finished drone. It was being sent to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, and it was going to be used in research. The drone is being called a 'flying camera .' It will study marine life and seabirds for NOAA.

The student that received the box revealed the mixtake by making a post on Reddit, but he now wishes to remain anonymous. He had ordered a weight lifting machine, and he received that package. He just also received this box as well. The box did have his name on the outside of the box, so there had to be a huge mix-up at UPS to cause this problem. David Miller, a spokesman for NOAA, said that the organization has contacted the student, and efforts are now being made by all parties to return the drone parts to their rightful place.

What would you do if you received such a package in the mail? Would you share it with the world on social media?