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Colleen Valentine and her radio bliss

What is the best thing you can do with your life? Find a job that is also your hobby, or find a hobby that you can turn into a job. As they say, “Follow your bliss, and the money will follow you.”

You think Bill Gates wanted a real job? No. He found computers and devoted his life to developing and programming them, and the rest is history.

Or Stephen King. He started writing short stories while still a young teen, sent off hundreds of stories and received back hundreds of rejection letters, but he kept at it and we know how that turned out for him.

Find something you like, they say, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Good advice, but not necessarily easy to follow.

Colleen Valentine found out early in life she was comfortable speaking in public, and so after high school she went to the Prairie Broadcast Training Institute in Regina, SK and in 1985 landed her first official job in the wonderful, wacky, whiz-bang world of radio.

Off and on, she has been at it ever since.

As she explains it, this is what happened: “I thought I was going to be a news announcer at CJCD in Yellowknife, North West Territories. I didn’t care if they let me do the floors; I was off on an adventure! I hopped on that old prop plane and landed with a glide on the frozen tundra on December 19th, 1985.”

That was then; this is now. Colleen followed her stint in Yellowknife with radio visits to places such as Regina, Edmonton and Lloydminster, where, a few years back, she decided to get out of the business.

Living in Lloydminster, she was content to get on with her life until Saul Jacobson, her mentor from that broadcast training school we mentioned, re-entered the picture. He had just set up an internet radio station and wanted Colleen to get back in the broadcast saddle and work with his new venture.

She said “YES!” in a voice so loud it echoed off the Rockies, and now Colleen Valentine is a fixture on LTD Radio, which can easily be found by clicking the name into your computer internet search engine.

Living the Dream. That’s LTD Radio, and that’s Colleen Valentine, from her kitchen in her new home in Yorkton, SK., with her slippers and coffee and microphone.

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