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Coercion vs. Freedom: Making decisions down at the Y

When people offer you one of two choices they are not "giving" you choices, they are taking away all of your other choices.

Decisions decisions. The road ahead forks off into a Y. Do you choose between the two roads or are there other options? Free minds will make free decisions.
John S. Turner/ Commons

There are almost always more than two choices in life, or three, or four, or more, even when the other choices may be highly unlikely or extremely undesirable.

You need only to think for yourself.

Here is a classic example.

You're walking along when you notice that the road ahead forks off into a Y. You have two choices; take the left fork or the right fork.

But there are at least 6 other possibilities. Maybe more.

1. Who says you have to follow a road built by others? If you're out for a hike you could simply continue walking straight ahead, cross-country, between the two forks...

2. Or strike off on your own across the meadows to your left...

3. Or wander off through the woods directly to your right.

4. Who says you must continue on? Maybe you've come far enough and decide it's time to turn around and go back the way you came.

5. But wait! You see a beautiful cottage there. You love it, you buy it, you settle down there for the rest of your life, taking neither the road more nor less traveled by.

6. And just to press the envelope of possibilities, suppose you're an eccentric millionaire and you're tired of hiking. So you pull out your satellite phone and call in your private helicopter which lands in front of the Y and takes you neither left nor right nor any other way but straight up and away.

Those who resist the choices presented to them by others, who recognize that their choices are being restricted rather than expanded, who have trained themselves to immediately begin thinking about what other choices are available beyond the two being pushed at them, those are the people most likely to become libertarians.

They already know that there are more voting choices than Republican or Democrat. Like Libertarian. Like other third parties. Like independents. Like refusing to vote at all.

Such people have already freed their minds. They are less likely to passively do as they're told by others and have absolutely rejected coercion, intimidation and fraud as having any legitimacy in decision-making.

In the end "free choice" is a redundancy; coercion, intimidation and fraud are the great choice-killers.

Think for yourself.

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