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Cobie Smulders dives into Oceana

Cobie Smulders is passionate about Oceana and all the work that it does to protect and preserve our oceans.
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We all know Cobie Smulders as the one woman who could tame Barney Stinson on the long-running television series known as 'How I Met Your Mother'. There is quite a bit more to Cobie than meets the eye.

With a passion for our oceans, Cobie really wanted to pursue a career in marine biology. Although registering for marine biology in college, acting became her given path. Her love for the ocean, like an addiction, was not that easy to cast aside.

Smulders is an avid scuba diver who has taken her hobby one step further. Believing in our oceans and all that they stand for and contribute to the ecosystem, Cobie is a very strong advocate for Oceana, the world's largest ocean advocacy group protecting our world's oceans. In January of this year, she took a stand and called for ending fisheries subsidies in the Pacific. The star partnered with Oceana's VP for Chile, Alex Munoz, to spread the word and build awareness throughout the world. She and other well-known celebrities were a major part of the 2013 Oceana Partners Award Gala in Beverly Hills, California, which was held in an effort to raise funds to assist in protecting the world's oceans.

Smulders has visited some of the most dazzling destinations for scuba diving. In 2013, she was photographed snorkeling for an Oceana campaign as the sun's rays sparkled on the water. It all took place at the beautiful Belize Barrier Reef.

Making the cover of Self Magazine for April 2014, Smulders reveals her stay-fit tricks. She is the epitome of strength and fitness and scuba diving helps to reinforce that.

Oceana has received support, not only from Cobie, but from other famous philanthropic figures such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Rashida Jones and Miranda Cosgrove.

It is a comforting thought to know that so many individuals and groups stand behind protecting and preserving our vast marine-inhabited oceans throughout the globe. That is the only way to achieve positive change.

To learn more about all the outstanding work that Oceana does, go to

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