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Club Ned motorcycle tour takes riders high into Colorado

Dan Patino at Club Ned in Nederland.
Dan Patino at Club Ned in Nederland.
Dan Patino

If you don't live in Colorado you may not be aware of all the people seeking to cash in on the recent legalization here of marijuana. Take Dan Patino, for example. Dan has run a motorcycle tour outfit for a number of years and he has hitched his wagon to this blazing star. Dan, through his company, Go 2 Motorcycle Tours, is offering the first ever marijuana industry motorcycle tour.

Dan asked me if I'd be interested in doing a piece on his new venture and of course I said yes.

"It is the only one like it in the world," he told me. "I will be the first motorcycle touring company embracing the Marijuana industry. I will be offering a overnight tour that visits dispensaries, and the worlds first legal Cannabis Club in Nederland. Overnight stay in Nederland with a shuttle to the club. I am about to post the info on FB then my website. My emphasis is to show a openness to the industry but also a responsible motorcycle operating. No guest will be operating under the influence but may wish to consume on the overnight."

Dan recognizes the inherent risks he would be taking if he actually took people out riding to get high and then something happened. He's doing his best to avoid that kind of issue. As he said:

"I want to emphasize a few things. One the reason, uniqueness of the tour, and responsibility.

"The reason is the demand for visitors to want to visit and see a legal operation industry. Like ClubNed they get calls from all over the world inquiring about there operation and the industry here in Colorado. ClubNed is the only legal cannabis club in the world in operation.

"Now the Uniqueness being Go2moto now the only touring company highlighting the industry in a private tour via motorcycle. To the only Cannabis club in the world.

"Responsibility, utmost concern because we don't ride under the influence. Like all tours, we don't allow consumption of alcohol or and drug while operating a motorcycle. I get it. Cannabis tour via motorcycle, red flag! Like visiting Coors it can be done! Pictures, and knowledge of the industry is the focus if the tour. However the overnight stay in Nederland would give those a option to consume after the riding is done. A shuttle or a short walk will get those back n forth to their lodging, so no operation of bikes will be allowed until the following day. Specifics on pricing will be available upon request, this being a private group tour. Prices depend on size of the group of riders."

It's a fast-moving area, however, and Dan has already made changes in his plans since we first spoke. Here's the very latest:

"I am teaming up with a marijuana tour company. Instead of competing we are co sharing the tour. They will handle a full blown pot tour via a limo on day one of the tour, and the next day will be on the bikes to head up in the mountains. Ending up at night at the cannabis club. This way no operation of motorcycles and pot will be mixing. This all set up from a guy (me) who doesn't even smoke!"

Marijuana tourism is a growing business in Colorado. Believe it. I've already spoken to several visitors from out of state who were tickled to be able to legally buy the stuff. You can bet your boots there's going to be more of this.

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