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Cliven Bundy

Is this column the only one who is terrified?

Cliven Bundy: Welfare Cheat
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Let’s go straight to the punch line. Bundy doesn’t believe in the federal government. Put him in a federal prison. Problem solved.

The religious right and conservative folks make strange bedfellows and they allow the craziest people to join them.

Why is Cliven Bundy so attractive to Fox News? Okay he has a cool hat, lots of guns, lots of friends with guns and he hates government.

(Does anyone know how the Kochs weigh in on this matter?)

He is also a criminal, liar, moocher and welfare queen. Okay, welfare king.

This story shouldn’t resonate with anyone. Guy steals from the government for a few decades and let’s others pay for the same privileges he enjoys.

And then threatens federal agents.

Okay Bundy, the national government doesn’t exist: then who are you and your posse leveling your guns at sniper style?

Why isn’t everyone who've paid their taxes, been responsible for mandated fees and not drawn a gun on government agents, outraged?

Also, how come it took this long to tally up what Bundy owed?

Why did the government back down? Okay, no one wanted bloodshed. Actually, that’s not true. It seemed like a bunch of folks were salivating to fire off multiple rounds.

Where in the Bible, the Constitution or even the Weekly Standard is there justification that any of this is legal? Or moral? Or sane?

This column isn’t an expert in dealing with heavily armed fanatics and lying thieves, but here’s a thought.

Quietly show up in the middle of the night and arrest him.

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