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Clinton named in sex-slavery suit

The Clinton family name surfaces again in connection with another drug-infested, high-profile sex-slavery and pedophilia operation.

The Clinton name has again surfaced in conjunction with another high-level scandal... Again involving pedophilia and sex-slavery.
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It’s been known for many decades just how badly duped Americans are, in general, about the type of leaders they’ve been given as voting “choices” for roles at the highest levels of government. But because of what that actually means when taken seriously, in combination with an almost totally complicit Western mainstream media, much of the public is still mostly in the dark about what those politicians have actually been doing and just how out-of-hand things have truly become.

Progressively worsening over the course of much of the 20th Century, examples of the problems America now faces as a nation internally began to culminate in the late 80’s, when the public was treated to one of the most hideous national scandals the country had ever seen. Revealed was the inner workings of one of America’s largest sex-slave and pedophile networks, stretching all the way into the Bush-41 White House. Thanks in part to a pre-totally-monopolized mainstream media actually exposing trips by sex-slaves and prostitutes to the presidential living quarters for countless midnight rendezvous.

All while factions of the government, FBI and certain members of the media did everything they could to cover it up. Which included tactics ranging from destroying evidence, to witness intimidation and coercion, to murder. Virtually silencing anyone that could have made a difference, or that could have helped fully expose the operation. Until all investigations and lawsuits were dropped and the scandal eventually faded from public short-term memory.

But if there was any hope of the country regaining its morality when the next President cut Bush’s tenure short at only one embarrassing term in the fall of ‘92, all that was dashed before it even began, due to it ultimately emerging that his replacement, William Jefferson Clinton, was actually already part of the overall problem. Found after multiple state investigations in the late 80s and early 90s to have been helping the Bush family and the CIA, while Arkansas Governor, exchange guns for drugs with South American drug cartels, during Iran-Contra. Accepting large shipments of cocaine and other narcotics flown into Arkansas on what became Bush-owned aircraft, with retro-fit nosecones for the shipments.

Then sending large quantities of those drugs back into the inner-cities, where it could be largely fed to the under-privileged youth of the American ghetto. In order to accomplish goals like fueling the so-called drug war, filling their private-for-profit prisons and exacerbating their own existences and super-tax-absorbing anti-drug operations. Basically putting much of the poor, inner-city and ghetto back into slavery, by fiat.

But doing so while throwing massive drug and alcohol-laced parties with the Arkansas Governor, his brother (who was eventually forced into cocaine rehab), and multiple prostitutes and sex-slaves brought in for the parties. One of which was found to have been a virgin, 14-year-old high school cheer-leader from N. Little Rock. Forced into sex-slavery after becoming addicted to the endless supply of cocaine being flown in from Contras. Found a few years later during those AR state investigations to have, unsurprisingly, ended up as a Las Vegas prostitute.

With the purposes of keeping the soul of the entire operation intact in the meantime, which includes the all-important need to continue selling the false left-right paradigm to the largely unsuspecting public, Bush-43 would prove that nothing of political value would change for the American people, regardless of who became president. Successive administrations simply taking the baton and seamlessly continuing on with the tradition of manipulating the public into buying bills of goods that were knowingly never worth the paper they were printed on. Such as American-deindustrializing and job-killing (yet, international-corporation friendly) trade agreements, the “government” takeover of the education and medical systems, the fallacy that is the official story of 9/11, the ensuing lies that led America to multiple wars in the Middle-East and elsewhere, the totally overblown and misrepresented bin-Laden and al-Qaeda threats, false-flag terrorism on US soil and many other high-level international and domestic crimes against the people and humanity. Which ironically included a public stint of sex-slavery and pedophilia in the White House of his very own… Like father, like son.

Now, however, well into the second term of a following and current administration redundantly proving there is fundamentally little to no ideological difference between neocons and progressives, especially at the highest levels (illegal wars, torture, globalization, American imperialism, ever-expanding government and fraudulent debt, the federalization and militarization of local police, the continued destruction of US sovereignty and civil liberties... Along with their own large-scale, international drug smuggling operation), many of those old Clinton-related wounds seem to have almost as much of an affinity for re-opening as do the perpetrators of these high-level (sex) crimes have for victimizing society’s most vulnerable, for their own sadistic pleasure. In spite of the media’s affinity for pretending like none of this has happened, or is happening.

Because just in time for Hillary to decide in which direction to take “her” embattled political career, such as whether or not they’ll attempt coercing the public into continuing on with the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-(Hillary Clinton-Jeb Bush?) dynasty, the Clinton name has again surfaced in conjunction with another high-level (sex) scandal. Making it that much harder than it already was for the media to continue pretending the stigma of brazenly corrupt circles of politicians, families and friends doesn’t exist.

Again going well above and beyond anything he and Monica Lewinsky could have done while committing adultery in the White House, former President Bill Clinton finds himself identified a multiple-time participant in yet another pedophile prostitution operation nonetheless. Taking more than one trip, according to a new class-action lawsuit filed in federal court by former sex slave, Virginia Roberts, to a private-island compound in the US Virgin Islands. Where a known, under-aged sex-slave operation was being managed by convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

Just in case there was any question, despite the eyewitness testimony, as to whether or not Clinton was present during the drug–infested pedophilia parties that accompanied the Clinton/Bush/CIA international drug smuggling era of around ¼ century ago, the lawsuit also states that Clinton was present during ‘multiple’ sex parties involving up to twenty underage girls at Epstein’s secluded island in the Caribbean. After being flown in, thanks to flight records, on Epstein’s private jet. Where Clinton would partake, reportedly as recently as in the early to mid 2000s, in some of the “regular orgies” the young girls were smuggled onto the private island to host.

If there was any indication however as to the level at which Clinton falls onto the once a pedophile, always a pedophile scale, even from his 50s and well on into his 60s (now aged 67), a former employee of Epstein's responsible for compiling the thousands of pictures of nude young girls cataloged and posing in raunchy positions for those considering attending parties, was spotted at Chelsea Clinton's wedding in 2010. In the spirit of keeping your friends close and your circle of pedophile/criminal friends even closer, of course.

But Clinton wasn't the only one hanging around with Epstein at places such as his secluded island compound. Former VP Al Gore has been known to pal around with the likes of Epstein and his circle of friends, as well as other members of British royalty and many other high-level politicians and industry moguls the world over. All very closely related, of course, to another recently unearthed multi-decate-long pedophile operation, involving the highest levels of British royalty, members of the elite UK Press and the like.

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