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Clint Eastwood Endorses Mitt Romney and Loses Some Fans

Clint Eastwood
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Yesterday Clint Eastwood lost many fans when he endorsed Mitt Romney for President at an Idaho fundraiser. Clint Eastwood is an acting legend. Everyone knows ‘Dirty Harry’ whether they have seen it or not. In more recent years Eastwood has been a prolific director and has millions of fans all over the world.

Unfortunately, it seems as if some of those fans are know done with him as he has endorsed Republican candidate Mitt Romney for President at an Idaho fundraiser. It’s been a busy two days for Romney, what with pornstar Jenna Jameson signing off on her endorsement of him and now Eastwood. All the pornstars and cowboys can rejoice that their voices are being heard across the country.

Here are some reactions from Twitter fans:

@beardedstoner: I've always been a Clint Eastwood guy. And now he's supporting Romney. #Unforgiven

@Wolfrum: Clint Eastwood supports Romney? Wow, it's like you can't trust 80 y/o rich white guys to be progressives these days.

@danadearmond: Clint Eastwood is endorsing romney now? Ok, time to take you to the nursing home, buddy.

@Unnamedinsider: Sad news as 82 year old Clint Eastwood shows signs of dementia! He's endorsed Mitt Romney :-(

It seems to me that the American public is smart enough to not get their voting advice from actors and want-to-be actors!


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