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Cleveland Mayor Jackson’s gun diversion shows desperation to appear effective

Frank Jackson tells media about his grandiose fantasy plans to control guns.
Frank Jackson tells media about his grandiose fantasy plans to control guns.
Straight from City Hall

Proving once again that he, the bulk of city government, and anyone dumb enough to vote for them have no clue as to how criminal violence should be addressed, third-term Mayor Frank Jackson proposes creating a host of new and redundant edicts that violate state preemption law, the City of Cleveland’s “Straight from City Hall” blog announced Tuesday.

“Dealing with the issue of gun violence is a top priority for Cleveland City Council,” Public Safety Committee Chair and Councilman Matt Zone said to anyone who would listen, addressing symptoms and oblivious to causes resulting from decades of “progressive” corruption and incompetence. ““I look forward to holding a number of Safety Committee hearings to have a thoughtful conversation around gun laws and the steps we can take as a city to curb gun violence and save lives within our neighborhoods.”

That should be good for stalling accountability for a while, and while it won’t accomplish a thing, it will at least get public safety-minded citizens minds off Councilman Zack Reed’s third DUI, or (former) Councilman Eugene Miller’s similar charge with a speeding add-on, or the Cleveland City Council contractor who was arrested on child sex charges while on probation for a previous sex conviction, or...

As an aside, everybody remembers the original Committee of Public Safety...? The “Every day is Opposite Day” maxim for “progressives” has always held true, and if ever there were a case for the egalitarian power sharing they pretend to champion, the Second Amendment offers the ultimate guarantee. Which is why they hate it.

But back to guns in Cleveland. Here’s what the brains at City Hall propose doing now via moronic infringements being presented as “legislative initiatives”:

Create a “gun offender registry” tops the list. “Anyone convicted of a gun offense will be required to register with the police within 48 hours of sentence or release,” the proposal reads. What they’ll do with people moving in or passing through remains to be seen, but the fact that police already have records of people convicted of crimes seems to have escaped their notice. Just for a hint, that’s how we knew it was Zack Reed’s third DUI.

They want to “prohibit transfer of a firearm to a known felon.” Just like is already against the law.

“Prohibiting the improper discharge of a firearm at city parks, playgrounds or recreation centers” is next up for consideration. Like it’s legal now. Maybe there’s a loophole in “It is unlawful to discharge a firearm ... near buildings ... on a lawn, park, pleasure ground ...” or perhaps the fault lies in the blanket “No person shall discharge any firearm except in self-defense or except a law enforcement agent in the discharge of official duty” of § 627.20 from Cleveland Codified Ordinances.

“No person shall leave a weapon so as to allow access to the weapon by a minor,” says the next rule. Gosh, if only Ohio had an “Improperly furnishing firearms to [a] minor” law. What? They do?

Well, the next one they don’t. “Reporting Lost or Stolen Firearms,” it’s titled and you’ll have 48 hours to make good or you’ll be victimized twice, once by the perp and once by the city. And guess who’s immune? It seems if you can’t require a felon to register a gun (the Supreme Court established in Haynes v. U.S. that requiring a prohibited person to admit he illegally possessed a gun constituted a violation of the Fifth Amendment guarantee against self-incrimination!), you can’t very well force him to admit he...uh...illegally possessed a gun.

“Reporting the Transfer of Firearms” is also not covered by state law. That’s because private sales are legal, although not to prohibited persons or to persons from other states except through an FFL. This is the city’s ham-handed way of trying to end private sales for all good people, as the ones causing all the problems, the violent career criminals causing all that “gun violence” the Public Safety Committee folks say they want to “curb,” will be exempt from compliance as a matter of settled law, as per above.

Saving the “best” for last, Jackson & Co., propose “Limiting firearm purchases to one per person every 90 days.” Again, like that will stop anyone intent on doing criminal violence, which is their stated reason for trying to enact this offensive monstrosity, or do anything other than stick their meddling, obnoxious noses into the business of their betters, which any peaceable gun owner who doesn’t opportunistically try to infringe on the rights of others can claim to be.

The rest of the list is “a comprehensive set of misdemeanor offenses that mirror State Code regulations,” meaning it won’t accomplish a damn thing and will waste everybody’s time, not to mention the taxpayers’ money, just talking about such foolishness on “official” time. And that’s all they’ve got is talk, because Frank and his Council co-conspirators know they don’t have a snowball’s chance of enacting anything that violates Ohio’s state preemption laws, meaning they’re making noise for political ends and ink in The Plain Dealer to make it look like they’re doing something, and when they do, that they know what they’re doing.

Funny, though, how “progressive” gun-grabbers who scream loudest about “home rule” get real quiet every time a national disarmament diktat is passed, but then, if they didn’t have hypocrisy going for them, they’d lose their strongest suit. It figures this confederacy of dunces is on board with Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against (Your) Guns/Everytown for Fake “Safety” scam. Still, as ridiculous as they are, it would be a mistake to dismiss them solely by pointing and laughing at them, as richly as Jackson and his court deserve it (and as much as this goofy photo of retiree Jay Westbrook invites it).

That’s because we dare not forget the real evil that is enabled and results from “gun control.” Still, giving the devil his due, it’s tough to argue that anyone ignorant enough to vote Frank Jackson in for three terms, and to keep giving power to the likes of the council’s resident “designated driver” Trifecta winner Reed is too ignorant to be trusted with a gun.

Hey, at least they're not Detroit.


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