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Clay Aiken wins North Carolina's House primary

Clay Aiken, singer and reality show contestant, has won the North Carolina House of Representative primary after Tuesday’s election, according to the Star-Ledger and Politico's published results on Wednesday. Aiken received 40.8 percent of the vote with 11,649 votes going his way after 100 percent of the votes have been counted. His competitors, Keith Crisco received 39.5 percent of the vote with 11,277 votes being cast for him, and Toni Morris received 19.6 percent of the vote with 5,599 votes being cast for her. In spite of the numbers, there are publications suggesting that it could be several days before the count is in stone since the vote was so close.

Clay Aiken leads by fewer than 400 votes after 100 percent of votes are counted in North Carolina.

With the race being extremely close, 35-year-old Aiken simply thanked his supporters last night when he had a slim 400-vote lead. That lead dwindled overnight to 372 votes as the final count came in by 10 a.m. on Wednesday. The Democratic victor will be running for the United States House of Representatives from his native North Carolina against Rep. Renee Ellmers in November of this year during the midterm elections. Ellmers is a two-term Republican House member at this time.

Aiken became famous via “American Idol” – a popular television show where singers compete – about a decade ago. Six years ago, he made headlines when he came out as being gay. He became a popular congressional candidate by running on a platform of job creation and adult education retraining programs. He also had the strong support of labor, teacher and civil justice PACs.

It has been reported by RollCall that Aiken will have a difficult challenge to win in November as the 2nd Congressional District in which he is running includes suburbs of Raleigh, Fayetteville and a large rural central portion of North Carolina that was map-drawn to favor Republicans. In fact, in 2012 Mitt Romney – the GOP’s United States presidential candidate – carried this Congressional District with a strong 58 percentage of the total vote.

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