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Civil War connection to 9/11

Atlanta burning.......General Sherman ordered Union troops to burn Georgia city.
Atlanta burning.......General Sherman ordered Union troops to burn Georgia city.

There is a connection between the Civil War and 9/11 that many Americans are not aware of, according to Civil War historian Jack Hill today. Hill made his comments during a Civil War meeting at which Dr. Gary Gallagher of the University of Virginia and the University of Texas spoke.

Dr. Gallagher discussed the burning of Columbia, South Carolina by General Sherman's Union troops during the latter stages of the war.

Hill made the connection to 9/11. He said, "The Union troops cut the hoses of the Columbia firefighters who were trying to stop the burning of the city. After the war, some people in New York sent help to South Carolina when a major fire broke out. Hill said some New Yorkers felt guilty about the burning of Columbia by Union troops which motivated them later to help out the Carolinians."

The thread continues all the way to September 11, 2001 after Al-Qaeda terrorists attacked New York City. People in South Carolina raised money to purchase a firetruck and drove it to New York City to help people in the Big Apple fight the fires in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

Prior to devastating Columbia, Sherman's troops had marched from Atlanta, Georgia to Savannah. After burning Atlanta to the ground, they faced no army to oppose them on their March to the Sea. So instead of fighting Southern soldiers they followed a scorched earth policy burning homes and other buildings while killing livestock.

Karl Marx, who was watching the desolation from Europe, was heard to have remarked, "That is the way to fight a war." Marx, who wrote The Communist Manifesto, encouraged Marxists to follow the same strategy in their revolutions.

Gallagher also discussed the famous Crater battle in which Union soldiers planted explosives in an underground passage below Confederate soldiers near Petersburg, Virginia. The explosion created a large crater and killed many Southern soldiers who were catapulted through the air.

Dr. Gallagher will discuss the final phase of the Civil War at another meeting in Wichita Falls, Texas in April.

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