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City Dining Cards: A deck of culinary delights

City Dining Cards; A deck of culinary delights
City Dining Cards; A deck of culinary delights
photographs by Dara Bunjon©

I don’t like City Dining Cards, I LOVE City Dining Cards and you will too. The concept is local dining, at local independent restaurants, fifty of them plus two bonus wild cards for a full deck offering $10 off a $30 purchase of food* - simple. No screwy blackout dates or crazy restrictions -they are good every day at the restaurants in Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Capital Region, Chicago, London, Memphis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Providence, Rochester and Syracuse. Each city has its own deck of delicious dining. The cost to you for a City Dining Card deck is $20 – just pick your city. Let’s calculate how much you can save:

50 restaurants X $10 off per restaurant = $500 less the $20 for the deck (you can save more with multiple purchases) plus your two bonus wild cards of freebies.

Who benefits? You, the consumer eating at quality locally owned restaurants, a local charity receives 5% of the sales and the restaurateur driving business to them as well as supporting the local community.

The folks at City Dining Cards offered me a choice of Baltimore’s City Dining Cards or the City Dining Card-Drink Deck to sample and since I am not legendary for drinking but I am for eating, I requested the dining cards.

For my Baltimore readers these are not your corner carry outs my friends. These are restaurants that you will find in the recent Baltimore Sun’s Top 50 Restaurants in Baltimore like The Food Market, Peter’s Inn, Langermanns, Fleet Street Kitchen, Cunningham’s and more. Interestingly enough, we had reservations at Verde Pizza the day I received the City Dining Cards and low and behold, there was a City Dining Card for them.

Let’s talk the cards themselves, for a gal it is easy to keep the deck in your purse because you are going to end up at one of these restaurants for sure last minute. The cards have all the information on it you would want about the restaurant: neighborhood, cuisine, specialties, credit cards, if they offer special menu items for vegan, gluten free, whether they serve lunch and dinner, address, phone, webpage and their social media links.

You can purchase on line or find a local retailer.

The Baltimore City Dining Cards are good through December, 2015. *Each card is redeemable only once; $30 minimum purchase required and may only be applied to the food portion of the bill. It cannot be combined with other discounts, gift certificates, and prix fixe menus – dine in only.

Involved with a charity, reach out to them for additional ways to fundraise, buy for yourself or as a gift you can’t lose with City Dining Cards.

City Dining Cards – Twitter & Instagram @citydiningcards and on Facebook - /citydiningcards/Baltimore

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