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Citizens, Court, Justice speaks: Married gays have equal rights

The headline reads that Eric Holder extends equal rights to married couples, but he is just the executive administrator of what the people have declared as equality. Congress is reacting to the people and to the courts and not being proactive.

Equal rights for gay marriage

Equality will not have been achieved until married couples and civil union couples are treated equally and that includes visas for spouses when one is a foreign national.

Equality is when partners of all kind are united in justice in America.

Republicans, tear down those walls of hatred and ignorance. Embrace American ideology that is progressive and not regressive. Move forward to ensure a good life for all Americans.

The resources are here, and the missing link is applying imagination and brain power that too resides in America. America cannot afford another Congress that diddles away our assets while failing to optimize return on national resources.

“Same-Sex Spouses Get New Federal Rights, Holder Says

Legal Status in Bankruptcy, Other Matters Will Be Same as Other Married Couples


Feb. 8, 2014 2:00 p.m. ET

The Obama administration will give same-sex couples who are legally married the same status as other married couples in federal legal matters—including bankruptcy proceedings, prisoner visitation and death benefits for slain police officers, Attorney General Eric Holder said Saturday.

The Justice Department, Mr. Holder said, would issue new instructions to its employees on Monday to extend the same protections historically afforded to heterosexual married couples. He made the announcement at a speech in New York to the Human Rights Campaign, a major gay-rights advocacy group.”

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