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Church of Scientology blasts Leah Remini: Katie Holmes suffered this too

The Church of Scientology vs. Leah Remini just keeps going on and on. Last year the church switched its focus of attack from Katie Holmes to Leah Remini. Of course, to be fair Leah kind of made a stink about where the church leader David Miscavige‘s wife was. The police battle was big. But, the issues brought up by Katie Holmes in her split from Tom Cruise, left Hollywood reeling with drama, long before Remini came along. Now according to People on Friday, Scientology leaders are calling Remini ‘self-absorbed.' Not exactly the best defense for the recent accusations of lies that Leah Remini has accused the church of making, according to Fox News on Thursday.

Leah Remini
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

This is not the first time the church has been accused of deeds of torture and abuse of women. Just Google it and the claims found sort of take away the stinging remarks that Remini being just a self-absorbed woman. After all you have to consider the source of words.

According to People, Remini’s concerns are for her young daughter. This reminds us of the battle Katie Holmes had in ripping Suri Cruise away from the influence of the church and the mind control techniques that would face the child soon; fear for her daughter was one of the main issues in the Holmes-Cruise divorce. This resulted in the church blasting Katie and harassing the celebrity.

Whatever happens, Leah Remini seems strong enough to break ties for her daughter’s sake, if the church does exert mind control techniques on the child. cites the church attack on Remini as one that is exerted on a former member. In their report, Utica mentions that the Scientologists view Remini’s accusations of lies as a " publicity stunt” and spokeswoman Karin Pouw accused her of “rewriting her history with it [church].”

Time will tell what happens with this epic battle between the Church of Scientology and Leah Remini. Maybe Leah should give Katie a call.

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