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Christopher Doyle: Fred Phelps is "funded by homosexual activists"

Christopher Doyle
Christopher Doyle
Jennifer LeClaire

Last week, Ex-Gay Pride Month organizers Christopher Doyle and Chuck Peters of Voice of the Voiceless spoke to a fellow anti-gay lunatic, American Family Association talk show host Sandy Rios, where their interview once again boiled down to a laundry list of conspiracy theories.

Among their complaints were allegations that strong women and stupid fathers on TV are turning kids gay, and that bills limiting the the use of controversial gay aversion therapy will lead to death.

Most laughably of all, Doyle claimed that Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church, the incredibly small but incredibly obnoxious hate group best known for traveling across the country to wave lewd and incendiary picket signs at funerals, is being "funded by homosexual activists" to make anti-gay groups look bad.

Doyle based this claim, not on any known connections or demonstrable facts, but on his own personal inability to explain where Phelps "gets all the money to do all of that."

The reason Doyle may not be able to explain that, of course, is because he didn't bother looking into it, most likely with the expectation that the answers would not compliment his agenda.

Critics of the WBC already know that the entire Phelps family works for the Phelps-Chartered law firm, through which they are frequent high-rollers on the lawsuit lottery, constantly suing or settling legal cases pertaining to its demonstrations.

The truth may be inconvenient at times, but it is also inflexible, and does not go away just because someone didn't care to notice it.

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