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Christie press secretary to testify to grand jury

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A federal grand jury has been impanelled to investigate the role of Governor Chris Christie and his office in the George Washington Bridge Scandal, or Bridgegate Scandal, according to ABC News on April 4. The twenty-three member grand jury, which was convened by the U.S. Attorney in Newark, New Jersey, will be hearing the testimony of former Christie press secretary Mike Drewniak.

Drewniak, whose testimony is considered crucial in the Bridgegate matter, is not under investigation, according to his lawyer, Anthony Iacullo. However, Drewniak is in a position to answer questions and already has done so, according to Iacullo, who stated:

"We're here to answer questions and that's what Michael did today."

The grand jury will be meeting over the next eighteen months and will be exercising its power to subpoena, indict, and question witnesses, with or without permission from their attorneys. The Bridgegate Scandal investigation has transitioned from a mere inquiry to a full-fledged criminal investigation as the grand jury takes a serious look into the matter to determine who is criminally culpable.

In so far as Drewniak is concerned, Iacullo has given his assurances that he is a cooperative witness:

"I'm not going to get into the specifics as to what would be discussed in the grand jury. I would say though that Mike is a witness and we have been assured that he continues to be a witness throughout these proceedings and Mike has continued to cooperate as requested by the government into this inquiry."

The grand jury probe could signal the first major event leading to the unravelling of Christie's micro-management of the publicity pertaining to this matter. Christie may find that the only real and substantive "damage control" possible is a full revelation of the truth, the whole truth, and no talking points. Whether or not Christie can meet such a challenge remains to be seen. In the meantime, witnesses such as Drewniak and others will only be a subpoena away from testifying in the matter.



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