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Christians issue death threats over Twitter hash tag

A small sampling of the death threats Christians left on Twitter because of the hash tag #GodIsNotGreat
A small sampling of the death threats Christians left on Twitter because of the hash tag #GodIsNotGreat

Last week, author Christopher Hitchens died of esophageal cancer at the age of 62. Atheists on Twitter decided to use the hash tag “#GodIsNotGreat” to express their grief and sorrow. The tag comes from the title of the book Hitchens is most known for authoring, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. Many Christians failed to realize this and instead tweeted death threats to atheists.

Militant Christians
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This is not the first time Christians have spammed the internet with death threats aimed at atheists. Earlier this year after American Atheists Communications Director, Blair Scott appeared on Fox News a long list of death threats were posted on Fox News’s facebook page.

Last time, the mainstream media did not cover the mass amount of Christian death threats toward Scott and toward atheists in general. This time is no exception. It is however likely that if Muslims or atheists were to have posted death threats toward Christians it would undoubtedly be front page news and in fact has been on occasions.

Here is a list of some of the threats posted on Twitter by Christians:

Who ever made #GodIsNotGreat TT kill yourself

#godisgreat should be trending smh why is #GodIsNotGreat trending I will kill you all

I seriously wanna kill whoever started the #GodIsNotGreat

Whoever started that tt #godisnotgreat needs 2 die a slow death

Screenshots of these tweets and other threatening tweets can be viewed in the slideshow (sidebar) but are just a small sampling of the threats issued. Also, be advised that they are NSFW due to graphic language and cursing.

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