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Christian Svensson confirms no more fighting games from Capcom for 2012 *UPDATE*

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Capcom's Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President, Christian Svensson, has confirmed that there will be no more fighting games released by Capcom for the rest of 2012. His words, more specifically, on the Capcom Unity Boards reads:

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Announced for PC (more to follow at a later date):




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And I can say there are no planned releases for fighting titles in the remainder of the calendar year. MvC Orgins was the last fighting game release for this particular year on any platform. Beyond that, I'm not able to comment about announcements of fighting games on any platforms at this time. Sorry.

If you notice though, "releases" is very much highlighted throughout the post. So, once the ready can assume that announcements are ruled out of this exclusion, Svensson makes it perfectly clear not to rule out that possibility.

Yoshinori Ono has recently shared that he is excited to show off a new trailer for his new project at New York Comic-Con. We can expect to see what he is working on October 11 - 14, 2012.

He tweeted a few days ago:

I could make limited trailer for New York Comic-Con at last. I'm looking forward to visit to New York Comic-Con!! ;D

Plus, Event Hubs shares that Darkstalkers has been hinted at as they reported, "Featured conspicuously in the latest Street Fighter X Tekken episode #2 clip, a boy is sporting a red T-shirt with the words, 'Darkstalkers are not dead,' written on it."

When bombarded through Twitter, Ono responded with:

I can't announce about Darkstalkers yet... ;(

I guess we will have to wait until next week to find out what announcements Capcom has in store. We do know that the releases will not be this year. This is not entirely surprising as the year is coming close to an end.

What would you like to see announced?


Yoshinori Ono contacted me to remind Svensson about Street Fighter x Tekken for the PS Vita that releases later this month.

Hey,hey,hey!! We'll release SFxTK for PS Vita in 23th Oct..... Is it not fighting game? or He forgot this title... I'm so sad... ;P

We can assume that he forgot about the lonely Vita release because he was thinking about home console releases. But, nonetheless, Street Fighter x Tekken will be released this year and will definitely be a release not to forget! It hits shelves on October 23rd; hope you have your calendars marked!

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