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Christian pastor claims police prevent him from feeding city homeless

pastor says police prevent him from feeding the homeless
pastor says police prevent him from feeding the homeless
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Any large city in America has homeless who live on the street and struggle for food every single day. According to a Birmingham, Alabama pastor, the police are preventing him and other Christian pastors from feeding starving homeless residents in the city, reported the Blaze.

New regulations in Birmingham, Ala., are reportedly making it increasingly difficult for churches to feed the homeless. Pastor Rick Wood of The Lords House of Prayer has been working with other Christian ministries in feeding the poor in a Birmingham area park. He claims the police are now preventing him and other pastors from providing the urgently needed food.

It appears that the good reverend needs the permission from the health department in order to be an officially registered “food truck” if the pastor wanted to continue with his ministry of feeding the hungry and homeless in the city’s public park. This rule rankles Wood who simply wants to do the right thing.

“That makes me so mad. These people are hungry. They’re starving,” Wood stressed. He added, “They need help from people. They can’t afford to buy something from a food truck,” according to the Blaze.

When Jesus feed the thousands who gathered during his summit on the Mount one could only imagine the paperwork that he would have had to fill out if he were dealing with the bureaucrats in Birmingham. The local officials would have questioned Christ about his fishing license the bread license and even the baskets that the miraculous food appeared in.

The controversy actually began during December when the restaurant owners urged city officials to be the scrooge and clamp down on Wood’s homeless feeding ministry because it was allegedly taking business from them. Quite a feat many would say, since the homeless have no money and no job. But the Birmingham City Council still moved ahead and passed the oppressive regulations against Woods and other homeless feeding ministries, according to the Blaze.

So the question could conceivably be what would Christ do? It appears that Rev. Woods already has the answer to that one because he intends to continue feeding the homeless and the poor.

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