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Chocolate lovers will not veto Valentine's Day treat

Chocolate, in its many forms, takes on the appearance of hearts during Valentine's. The benefit of chocolate has been seen in improvement of circulation and management of blood sugar. So, how do you master your appetite for the chocolate side of life this holiday? As it turns out, chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac and applied to a 'hungry hippo', will not only lift your mood, but fight hunger as well.

Cookie cutter heart-shaped chocolate with filler.
Cookie cutter heart-shaped chocolate with filler.
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Box of chocolates
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This Valentine's, take into account the amount of caffeine and sugar in your diet, to assess your actual need for chocolate. Though your chocolate intake may be as much a want as it is a need, there are profound implications to your habitual diet, such as portion control and ability to manage your weight. It has been shown that caffeine is addictive, and in a forty-three percentage, 2 oz chocolate bar, there is 44 mg of caffeine. If you have diabetes, or sensitivity to sugar, there are sugar-free substitutes. However, no chocolate containing cocoa is completely devoid of caffeine.

While your heart will love you, and maybe even your kids' hearts, or husband's heart, don't forget to watch that smile. Your love of chocolate may lead to cavities and unhealthy gums. Brush your teeth clean and your dentist will love you too. In the mean time, improve that mood with a bite, a very small bite, of your favorite Valentine's chocolate treat.


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