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Chinese river mysteriously runs blood red

In an erie scene, the waters run red as blood
In an erie scene, the waters run red as blood

At 5 a.m. local time Thursday morning, all was normal in the Zhejiang province of China but within the hour the usually clear waters of the river suddenly turned blood red and a strange, foul odor accompanied this bizarre occurrence.

The Wenzhou Environmental Protection Bureau initially investigated but they reported that they were unable to find any cause for the rivers eerie transformation. The mystery further deepened when bureau chief Jianfeng Xiao speculated to Chinese news agencies that he thought it could be one of the industries along the river that were dumping red dye/food coloring into the water hoping it would be washed away by a rainstorm that never came; however, as several news agencies have reported, the locals say there are no such plants on the river. So far, this possible explanation is not sounding very plausible given that this area is known for having one of the cleanest rivers in China, where almost all of their water is severely polluted, and they credit this to the fact that they do not have any industries that are dumping along side the river and further, reports of the water being normal earlier that morning, rules out theory that someone had dumped the dye in the night before.

Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time that this has happened. The river ran red in December of 2011 as well, and the same reason was given by officials then to. A similar incident also occurred to the Yangtze river in 2012.

While it is yet unclear if this an environmentally caused incident, pollution, or something else, it does have many thinking of the apocalyptic similarities, perhaps the fact that another town in China was just placed under quarantine after a man died of the plague (yes, the bubonic plague) could be adding to the feeling of impending doom or the unexplained at work or could this be yet another one of Mother Nature's wake up calls?